LexisNexis Australia provides a wide selection of titles and ebooks relating to fair work regulations. This comprehensive selection features titles relating to the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011, workplace injury rehabilitation, the Compensation Act and anti-discrimination laws.
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  1. View details Ethics, Professional Responsibility and Legal Practice
    Author(s): Peter MacFarlane, Ysaiah Ross
    ISBN: 9780409344073

    This authoritative and accessible text combines commentary, case law and legislative sources to demonstrate and explain the nexus between ethical principles, rules of legal practice and professional conduct. It covers all Australian jurisdictions to provide comprehensive coverage of the ethical framework and rules applicable to the Australian legal context.

    Starting at AUD$ 131.00

  2. View details Disastrous Decisions: The Human and Organisational Causes of the Gulf of Mexico Blowout
    ISBN: 9781922042408
    Publication Date: May 2016

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    AUD$ 110.00
  3. View details LexisNexis Australian Legal Dictionary, 2nd edition
    Author(s): David Hamer, Margaret Allars, Ray Finkelstein, Roderick Howie, Judith Gibson, Ron McCallum
    ISBN: 9780409344752
    Publication Date: October 2016

    The LexisNexis Australian Legal Dictionary, 2nd edition features succinct plain English definitions, supported by judicial and legislative authority, to provide a key point of reference for practitioners, students and the general reader. The scope, relevance and currency of the terms defined ensure that this work remains the most accurate, authoritative and popular legal dictionary in Australia.

    AUD$ 612.00
  4. View details The Australian Pro Bono Manual A practice guide and resource kit for law firms, 3rd edition
    Author: The Australian Pro Bono Centre
    ISBN: 9780409344646
    Publication Date: September 2016

    The Australian Pro Bono Manual is the indispensable Australian guide to building, managing and improving a pro bono program in a law firm.

    Out of Print
    For Edition 4, please visit https://www.probonocentre.org.au/aus-pro-bono-manual/

    AUD$ 73.00
  5. View details Quick Reference Card – Anti-Discrimination Law in the Workplace
    Author: Dr Paul Harpur
    ISBN: 9780409344820
    Publication Date: June 2016

    This Quick Reference card offers a concise summary of anti-discrimination law in the workplace in Australia, including reference to the most important principles, cases and legislation.

    AUD$ 25.00
  6. View details Jacobs’ Law of Trusts in Australia, 8th edition
    Author(s): JD Heydon, The Honourable Justice M J Leeming
    ISBN: 9780409343502
    Publication Date: October 2016

    Jacobs’ Law of Trusts in Australia, 8th edition is an authoritative work responding to developments of trust law over the last decade in all Australian jurisdictions.

    Starting at AUD$ 254.00

  7. View details Legal Problem Solving and Syllogistic Analysis: A Guide for Foundation Law Students
    Author(s): Anibeth Desierto, Kenneth Yin
    ISBN: 9780409343229

    This innovative book explains the use of the syllogism as the foundation for all legal deductive logic in problem solving – a skill essential to successful law study and practice.

    Starting at AUD$ 91.00

  8. View details Australian Torts Law, 4th edition
    Author: Amanda Stickley
    ISBN: 9780409342048
    Publication Date: October 2016

    Australian Torts Law provides clear analysis and discussion of torts principles and includes comprehensive coverage of key legislation, cases and recent developments.

    Starting at AUD$ 131.00

  9. View details South Australian Criminal Law and Procedure, 2nd edition
    Author(s): D Caruso, R Buth, M Heath, I Leader-Elliott, P Leader-Elliott, N Naffine, D Plater, K Toole
    ISBN: 9780409344677

    A critical review of South Australian criminal law and procedure.

    Starting at AUD$ 146.00

  10. View details Workplace Health and Safety Law in Australia, 2nd edition
    Author: Neil Foster
    ISBN: 9780409342833

    An introduction to the law of workplace health and safety in Australia, offering clear concise commentary on all aspects of related law

    Starting at AUD$ 161.00

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