Employment Law

Employment Law

Uncover a wealth of insights and strategic perspectives on employment legislation, workplace disputes, and emerging trends that shape the legal landscape. From essential case studies to practical advice on navigating HR challenges, our collection offers indispensable resources to elevate you and your practice.
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  1. View details Quick Reference Card: Employment Law, 3rd edition
    ISBN: 9780409355949
    Publication Date: March 2022

    Quick Reference Card: Employment Law summarises the key principles, legislation and case law relating to employment law in Australia.

    AUD$ 32.00
  2. View details Quick Reference Card – Anti-Discrimination Law in the Workplace
    Author: Dr Paul Harpur
    ISBN: 9780409344820
    Publication Date: June 2016

    This Quick Reference card offers a concise summary of anti-discrimination law in the workplace in Australia, including reference to the most important principles, cases and legislation.

    AUD$ 25.00
  3. Australian Labour and Employment Law, 2nd Edition
    10 % OFF
    View details Australian Labour and Employment Law, 2nd Edition
    Author(s): Professor Marilyn Pittard, Bruce Moore
    ISBN: 9780409346879
    Publication Date: June 2024

    A clear and comprehensive analysis of recent developments in labour and employment law

    Starting at AUD$ 162.00

  4. View details Workplace Investigations: Principles and Practice, 2nd edition
    Author(s): Kerryn Tredwell, Paula Hoctor
    ISBN: 9780409354065
    Publication Date: June 2023

    An essential guide for HR professionals, employment lawyers and workplace investigators

    Starting at AUD$ 150.00

  5. View details Annotated Fair Work and Related Legislation, 2023 edition
    Author(s): Michael Byrnes, Ian Latham, Erik Young, Joe Catanzariti, Ben Dudley
    ISBN: 9780409358377
    Publication Date: August 2023

    Essential employment law reference for students and practitioners alike

    The 2023 edition of Annotated Fair Work Act & Related Legislation consolidates key employment legislation current to 1 July 2023 into one handy resource.

    Starting at AUD$ 185.00

  6. View details The Contract of Employment, 2nd edition
    Author: Mark Irving QC
    ISBN: 9780409351088
    Publication Date: November 2019

    Systematic and comprehensive description of common law governing employment contract in Australia

    Starting at AUD$ 342.00

  7. View details General Protections Under the Fair Work Act
    Author(s): Emma Goodwin, Tim Donaghey
    ISBN: 9780409348682

    General Protections Under the Fair Work Act is a single resource for practitioners and HR professionals dealing with claims under Part 3-1 of the Fair Work Act

    Starting at AUD$ 156.00

  8. View details The Restraint of Trade Doctrine, 4th edition
    Author: JD Heydon
    ISBN: 9780409348347
    Publication Date: May 2018

    An in-depth analysis of the history and current scope of the restraint of trade doctrine at common law.

    Starting at AUD$ 246.00

  9. View details The Shaping of Labour Law Legislation – Underlying Elements of Australia’s Workplace Relations System ......
    ISBN: 9780409345865

    A text providing a detailed study of Australia’s traditional industrial relations system including: the independent statutory tribunal, the system taking into account the public interest, the tradition of ‘protecting the weak’ and a privileged role for trade unions.

    Starting at AUD$ 223.00

  10. View details Employment Law: Concepts and Cases, 4th edition
    Author: Natalie van der Waarden
    ISBN: 9780409344691
    Publication Date: October 2017

    A popular seller with business, HR, arts and law students, this text discusses the legal principles in an employment relationship and includes recent developments in legislation and case law.

    Starting at AUD$ 107.00

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