Environment and Natural Resources

Environment and Natural Resources

LexisNexis Australia offers a comprehensive and updated selection of books and ebooks on environment and natural resources. The range of titles also features resources relating to environmental planning and assessment.
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  1. View details Legal Pathways to Deep Decarbonisation in Australia
    Author(s): Katie O’Bryan, Gerry Nagtzaam, Sr Nik Hasbi Fathi
    ISBN: 9780409357981
    Publication Date: November 2023

    A legal ‘roadmap’ for reducing Australian greenhouse gas emissions

    Starting at AUD$ 150.00

  2. View details Environmental Law in Australia, 11th edition
    Author: Gerry Bates
    ISBN: 9780409357097
    Publication Date: February 2023

    Authoritative and accessible coverage of principles, issues and regulation in Australian environmental law

    Starting at AUD$ 175.00

  3. View details Victorian Environmental Law in Context
    Author: Steven Geroe
    ISBN: 9780409356021
    Publication Date: March 2022

    A clear and accessible introduction to environmental law and regulation in Victoria

    Starting at AUD$ 89.00

  4. View details Petroleum Law in Australia, 2nd edition
    Author(s): John Chandler, Tina Hunter
    ISBN: 9780409352214
    Publication Date: September 2021

    A clear and concise analysis of the law and policy governing onshore and offshore petroleum exploration and production

    Starting at AUD$ 191.00

  5. View details Environmental, Planning and Climate Law in Queensland
    Author(s): Philippa England , Amanda Kennedy, Rowena Maguire, Evan Hamman, Justine Bell-James
    ISBN: 9780409351064
    Publication Date: March 2020

    Environmental, Planning and Climate Law in Queensland is a comprehensive analysis of environmental, planning and climate laws in Queensland

    Starting at AUD$ 112.00

  6. View details Understanding Sustainability Law
    Author: Rhett Martin
    ISBN: 9780409345476

    Sustainability regulation addresses the balance between sustaining ecosystems and economic growth. This book examines key regulation in Australia designed to control sustainability-related processes and objectives, implemented in response to unprecedented ecosystem changes, food security risks, water scarcity and soaring energy costs.

    Starting at AUD$ 131.00

  7. View details Water Resources Law, 2nd edition
    Author(s): Rebecca Nelson, Richard Bartlett, Alex Gardner, Janice Gray
    ISBN: 9780409337945

    How does Australian water resources law provide for the management and sharing of water resources between human uses and sustaining ecosystems?

    Starting at AUD$ 296.00

  8. View details LexisNexis Case Summaries: Environmental Law
    Author: Brad Jessup
    ISBN: 9780409329148

    This text highlights the facts, issue and decision in each case so that the principles can be readily understood and memorised and trends in the development of case law on environmental law can be readily identified.

    Starting at AUD$ 46.00

  9. View details Marine Resources Management
    Author(s): Joanna Vince, Clive Schofield, W. Gullett
    ISBN: 9780409327441

    Comprehensive multidisciplinary analysis of Australia's marine resource management challenges.

    Starting at AUD$ 110.00

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9 Items

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