The Australian Pro Bono Manual A practice guide and resource kit for law firms, 3rd edition

The Australian Pro Bono Manual is the indispensable Australian guide to building, managing and improving a pro bono program in a law firm.

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Published: 01 September, 2016

Publisher: LexisNexis Australia

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The Australian Pro Bono Manual is an indispensable source of sound advice and relevant information on pro bono best practice.

Pro bono legal work is considered a professional responsibility and benefits the lawyers, firms and clients involved. There are advantages, however, in a planned and coordinated approach — a structured pro bono program is key to establishing a sustainable pro bono culture in any firm.

The third edition of the Manual has been completely revised and updated, and includes information tailored to mid-sized and small firms. For large firms looking to refine or grow their pro bono practice, the Manual remains an essential reference point.


• the current models of pro bono assistance
• defining ‘pro bono’ for the firm, setting strategic objectives and establishing criteria for pro bono work
• pro bono and corporate social responsibility
• the importance of leadership and promoting a strong pro bono culture
• the legal assistance sector and how to source pro bono work
• record-keeping, evaluation, crediting and recognising pro bono work
• pro bono FAQs and best practice, and more.

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  • Part 1 Planning, developing and maintaining a program
  • 1.1   Planning pro bono for the firm
  • 1.2   Defining pro bono legal work
  • 1.3   Pro bono policy
  • 1.4   Promoting a pro bono culture
  • 1.5   Surveying interest
  • 1.6   Identifying needs and sources of pro bono legal work
  • 1.7   Current models of pro bono legal work
  • 1.8   Setting targets and budgets for pro bono legal work and programs
  • 1.9   Coordinating the program
  • 1.10   Participation
  • 1.11   Crediting and recognising pro bono legal work
  • 1.12   Costs and disbursements
  • 1.13   Record keeping and evaluation
  • 1.14   Training and skills
  • 1.15   A mid-sized firm perspective
  • 1.16   A small law firm perspective
  • 1.17   Reflections of a pro bono coordinator
  • Part 2 Procedures and practice issues
  • 2.1   Casework procedures
  • 2.2   Risk management
  • 2.3   Secondments
  • Part 3 The Australian legal assistance sector
  • 3.1   Legal Aid Commissions
  • 3.2   Community Legal Centres, Indigenous legal organisations and other legal organisations
  • 3.3   Pro bono referral schemes and organisations
  • Part 4 Frequently asked questions
  • Appendix 1 —   Precedents
  • Appendix 2 —   Australian pro bono best practice guide

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