Profession & Ethics

Profession & Ethics

LexisNexis Australia provides a wide selection of titles and ebooks relating to Profession & Ethics. These products provide information on ethics and values that regulate a profession.
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  1. View details Quick Reference Card: Ethics for Financial Advisers
    Author: Dr Michelle Cull
    ISBN: 9780409355840
    Publication Date: December 2021

    A summary of the legal and regulatory requirements, education standards and ethical theories

    AUD$ 30.00
  2. View details LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Legal Practice and Ethics, 4th edition
    Author: Marlene Ebejer
    ISBN: 9780409356052
    Publication Date: June 2022

    Provides students with a clear and systematic approach to successfully tackling assessment questions on legal professional practice and ethics.

    Starting at AUD$ 69.00

  3. View details Ethics and Professional Practice in Financial Planning
    Author(s): Michael Miller, Dr Michelle Cull, Csilla Skultety, Dr Aaron Bruhn
    ISBN: 9780409353204
    Publication Date: August 2021

    Essential reading and thought provoking commentary for financial planning practitioners and students

    Starting at AUD$ 147.00

  4. View details Lawyer Discipline
    Author: Gino Dal Pont
    ISBN: 9780409349023
    Publication Date: December 2019

    Lawyer Discipline is a practitioner’s guide to disciplinary hearings and to one’s rights and obligations towards cooperation with the relevant tribunal

    Starting at AUD$ 202.00

  5. View details Ethical Legal Practice and Professional Conduct
    Author: Francisco Esparraga
    ISBN: 9780409348590

    Ethical Legal Practice and Professional Conduct is an engaging introduction to ethical thinking and behaviour and their application in legal practice

    Starting at AUD$ 124.00

  6. View details Client Money: Trust Account Management for Australian Lawyers
    Author: Reid Mortensen
    ISBN: 9780409342079

    A detailed and comprehensive text on the law and professional standards relating to the role of lawyers in handling money held for a client, dealing principally with lawyers’ trust account management. It covers all Australian jurisdictions and includes plentiful accounting examples. It is suitable both as a practitioner reference and for student and PLT use.

    Starting at AUD$ 65.00

  7. View details Ethics, Professional Responsibility and Legal Practice
    Author(s): Peter MacFarlane, Ysaiah Ross
    ISBN: 9780409344073

    This authoritative and accessible text combines commentary, case law and legislative sources to demonstrate and explain the nexus between ethical principles, rules of legal practice and professional conduct. It covers all Australian jurisdictions to provide comprehensive coverage of the ethical framework and rules applicable to the Australian legal context.

    Starting at AUD$ 131.00

  8. View details Legal Project Management
    Author: Therese Linton
    ISBN: 9780409338836

    This book combines expertise in project management with practical experience to provide a pared back project management framework specifically tailored to legal practice.

    Starting at AUD$ 136.99

  9. View details Professional Skills & Ethics, 3rd edition
    Author(s): Andrew Alston, Mark Rankin
    ISBN: 9780409337457

    Professional Skills and Ethics includes a collection material from recent LexisNexis publications on procedures and ethics.

    Starting at AUD$ 120.00

  10. View details Ethics in Law: Lawyers Responsibility and Accountability in Australia, 6th Edition
    Author: Ysaiah Ross
    ISBN: 9780409332803

    The sixth edition of Ethics in Law: Lawyers' Responsibility and Accountability in Australia provides a sound understanding of professional obligations and ethical conduct underpinning all aspects of Australian legal practice.

    Starting at AUD$ 177.00

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