Disastrous Decisions: The Human and Organisational Causes of the Gulf of Mexico Blowout

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Published: 01 May, 2016

Publisher: LexisNexis Australia

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Disastrous Decisions: The Human and Organisational Causes of the Gulf of Mexico Blowout takes the reader into the realm of human and organisational factors that contributed to the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010. This event resulted in the loss of 11 lives in the explosions and fire, the sinking of the rig and untold damage to the environment and to the livelihood of Gulf residents. It is important to know what people did, but even more important to know why they did it, so this book attempts to “get inside the heads” of decision-makers and understand how they themselves understood the situations they were in. It also seeks to discover what it was in their organisational environment that encouraged them to think and act as they did.

  1. Tort Law in Australia: An Overview
  2. The Statutory Framework of Tort Law
  3. Negligence
  4. Duty of Care
  5. Breach of the Duty of Care
  6. Vicarious Liability & Non-Delegable Duties
  7. Defences to Negligence Claims
  8. Causation
  9. Damages
  10. Medical negligence
  11. Pure Economic Loss
  12. Legal Professional Negligence
  13. Trespass to Land
  14. Trespass to the Person
  15. Nuisance
  16. Breach of statutory duty
  17. Defamation
  18. Intentional Torts Relating to Goods
  19. Occupier’s Liability
  20. Class Actions
  21. Tort Law in Practice
  22. Research in Torts