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Health Law

LexisNexis Australia brings together a wide range of the latest Health Law titles and ebooks. This comprehensive selection features titles relating to health law, mental health law, Health Practitioners Act, healthcare law, and more.
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  1. View details Quick Reference Card: Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws In Australia
    Author: Samantha Pillay
    ISBN: 9780409357486
    Publication Date: September 2022

    A concise quick-reference tool on Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) laws in Australia for students and practitioners studying and working across healthcare law.

    AUD$ 35.00
  2. The Brain Matters: Regulation of Concussion in Sports-related Injuries
    10 % OFF
    View details The Brain Matters: Regulation of Concussion in Sports-related Injuries
    Author: Annette Greenhow
    ISBN: 9780409359053
    Publication Date: June 2024

    A book designed to unravel the question of who owns the problem of sport-related concussion.

    Starting at AUD$ 171.00

  3. View details Regulation of Doctors in Australia: General and Cosmetic Procedures
    Author: Chris Corns
    ISBN: 9780409358278
    Publication Date: September 2023

    A comprehensive, authoritative and practical guide to the legal regulation of doctors and cosmetic procedures in Australia

    Starting at AUD$ 185.00

  4. View details Mental Health Law: A Practical Guide
    Author: Yega Muthu
    ISBN: 9780409354997
    Publication Date: March 2023

    A cohesive, in-depth examination of mental health law in Australia with global considerations.

    Starting at AUD$ 70.00

  5. View details Crime and Mental Health Law in NSW, Supplement to the 3rd edition
    Author(s): Anina Johnson, Dr. Kerri Eagle, Corrie Goodhand
    ISBN: 9780409353686
    Publication Date: May 2021

    The MHCIFPA introduces new definitions of mental health and cognitive impairment. It codifies the tests for fitness and the newly named defence of “act proven but not criminally responsible by reason of mental health impairment or cognitive impairment.” This supplement offers a practitioners and clinicians a practical roadmap to the MHCIFPA, highlighting the changes in practice and procedure.

    Starting at AUD$ 54.00

  6. View details Australian Medical Liability, 4th edition
    Author(s): Bill Madden, Benjamin Madden, Janine McIlwraith
    ISBN: 9780409352504
    Publication Date: April 2021

    A one stop reference for legislation and case law on medical liability in Australia

    Starting at AUD$ 218.00

  7. View details LexisNexis Questions and Answers: Medical Law, 2nd edition
    Author: Malcolm Smith
    ISBN: 9780409351590
    Publication Date: July 2020

    Assists students to consolidate and apply their knowledge of medical law through practice and revision questions

    Starting at AUD$ 79.00

  8. View details Australian Health Law
    ISBN: 9780409348491

    Comprehensive coverage of health law in Australia

    Starting at AUD$ 167.00

  9. View details Medical Law and Ethics: A Problem-Based Approach
    Author(s): Jennie Louise, Bernadette Richards
    ISBN: 9780409333534

    Medical Law and Ethics: A Problem-Based Approach offers a unique and accessible treatment of legal and ethical issues in the context of professional medical treatment.

    Starting at AUD$ 132.00

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9 Items

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