Quick Reference Card: Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws In Australia

A concise quick-reference tool on Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) laws in Australia for students and practitioners studying and working across healthcare law.

Published: 06 September, 2022

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Quick Reference Card – Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws in Australia, 1st edition, written by Samatha Pillay, is an essential practical reference text providing a clear and concise summary of all aspects of voluntary assisted dying legislation in Australia. This legislation provides a legal process for health practitioners to assist a terminally ill person to end their life in limited circumstances, and subject to completing a prescribed process. This Quick Reference Card makes an ideal study aid both for classroom and exam use and is an excellent quick-reference tool for students, practitioners and academics working across healthcare law.


• Concise summary of VAD laws in all Australian states
• Reference tool for students and practitioners to better understand the relevant legislation in each state
• An excellent starting point for research
• Provides an overview of the key similarities and differences in laws across the states
• Provides an overview of the key access criteria across the states
• Summarises the different safeguards in place for managing VAD requests
• Concise summary of the most important VAD principles
• Bold headings and colour coded boxes structure the subject
• Quick and easy - information at one’s fingertips
• Portable
• Durable because of laminated card stock
• Attractive pricing
• Ideal as checklist
• Perfect for use in exams and for assignments

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  1. VAD - Background
  2. VAD – Overview
  3. Access Criteria Across the States
  4. Safeguards and oversight
  5. Other issues
  6. What does the future hold?

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