Regulation of Doctors in Australia: General and Cosmetic Procedures

A comprehensive, authoritative and practical guide to the legal regulation of doctors and cosmetic procedures in Australia

Published: 27 September, 2023

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Regulation of Doctors in Australia: General and Cosmetic Procedures is an invaluable reference on how the law and the medical profession itself regulates doctors in Australia. It focuses on the regulation of general as well as cosmetic medical and surgical procedures in each jurisdiction. It covers in detail the structure and operation of the National Law; the unique features of cosmetic procedures and resultant challenges for the law; recent amendments to the National Law; up-to-date tribunal and court decisions regarding immediate action powers and professional misconduct; appeal rights under the National Law; and the role of State/Territory health complaints bodies.


• Cites up-to-date civil and administrative tribunal decisions on:
  o the legal test and principles for when immediate action can lawfully be taken under the National Law by the Medical Board
  o when a person is considered not “fit and<
  o proper” to practice medicine in Australia
  o what type of conduct constitutes “professional misconduct” under the National Law sufficient for the tribunal to suspend or cancel the registration of a doctor to practice medicine
  o the approach taken by tribunals to appeals against decisions of the Medical Board
  o the right of a doctor to appeal the decision of the Medical Board to take immediate action, including an application for a stay of the decision being appealed
  o the approach taken by the tribunal to appeals against decision of the Medical Board
  o the approach taken by tribunals to the determination of an appropriate sanction for doctors who are found to have breached professional standards
• Includes a step-by-step account of the various stages involved in how Aphra and the Medical Board process notifications, conduct investigations, and prosecute matters in tribunals;
• Includes a detailed analysis of how State and Territory health complaints entities deal with complaints concerning doctors.

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