Without Prejudice Privilege In Australia, 2nd edition

A high level reference work that covers all aspects of the Without Prejudice Privilege as it applies in Australia.

Published: 05 August, 2022

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This text is an engagingly readable reference work that covers all aspects of the "without prejudice" privilege as it applies in Australia. It covers the historical origins of the doctrine, its bases, definition and application, as well as exceptions to the doctrine, waiver of the privilege, and a close examination of the statutory equivalent of the privilege in the Evidence Acts of the Commonwealth, some of the States, and the ACT.

There have been significant changes since the first edition of this work, not just in the relevant law, but in technology which can affect the application of the doctrine. This edition addresses these changes, as well as offering a detailed analysis of the current applicable case law and a clear explanation as to when and how the privilege should be used.


• High level legal reference work
• National application
• Subject matter is applicable to every area of law involving disputes

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