Victorian Environmental Law in Context

A clear and accessible introduction to environmental law and regulation in Victoria

Published: 03 March, 2022

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Victorian Environmental Law in Context is a concise and accessible introduction to Victorian environmental law, its interaction with Commonwealth environmental law, and the policy and planning context in which it sits. It presents clear explanations together with summaries of critical analysis by key stakeholders on applicable environmental law in Victoria. Concise extracts from state planning documents, relevant cases, reports from government, the auditor general and environmental organisations are included to situate legal content in that related planning and policy context.

The book is designed to support study and work in specialised areas such as the regulation of pollution, planning, environmental impact assessment, wildlife and biodiversity management, sustainable management, agriculture and similar topics, and provides a focus on the protection of biodiversity, climate change and clean energy/low-carbon development, and pollution and waste management.

The comprehensive coverage of Victorian law makes the text a valuable resource for law students, while its accessible approach is ideal for students studying environmental law in non-law disciplines in subjects such as wildlife biology and regional and urban planning, and in other business and humanities courses. The text is also a useful reference for environmental compliance officers, environmentalists, business managers involved in planning approvals, and public administrators involved in environmental decision-making.


• Places environmental regulatory content in context
• Concise coverage across a wide range of environmental topics
• Selected extracts illustrate areas in which policy and planning framework operates
• Provides critical perspectives to deepen understanding
• Visually attractive and engaging

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