Understanding Contract Law, 8th Edition

The latest cases and legislative changes in contract law.
Format: Paperback 

Published: 01 December, 2009

Publisher: LexisNexis Australia

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Book: Paperback
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The latest cases and legislative changes in contract law

Understanding Contract Law includes the latest cases in legislative changes with clear discussions to illustrate the main issues, helping to make Contract Law accessible to readers.

Important Features:
· Flow charts
· Suggestions for further reading
· Self-test questions
· Glossary of terms
Academic support available on www.lexisnexis.com.au/Campus.

1. Contract Law in Australia

2. Agreement

3. Consideration

4. Intention to be Legally Bound

5. Contents of the Contract

6. Formalities

7. The Right to Contract

8. Rights and Liabilities Under a Contract

9. Genuine Agreement

10. Illegality

11. Discharge of a Contract

12. Remedies for Breach/Quasi-Contract

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