The Law of Naval Warfare

The Law of Naval Warfare is a wide-ranging expert commentary on the law governing naval conflicts.

Edited by Dale Stephens CSM and Matthew Stubbs

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Published: 07 October, 2019

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In a period of growing tensions within the maritime domain, this timely new book brings together a combination of academic and practical expertise to present an account of the critical areas of the law of naval warfare.

It provides a comprehensive, academically rigorous and practically relevant treatment of the law applicable to naval conflicts that will be of value to governments and their advisers, defence forces, academics, students and historians.

The extensive expert analysis of the key issues includes topics such as:

  • Interaction with peacetime law of the sea
  • Maritime zones
  • Targeting, distinction and deception
  • Submarine warfare
  • Legal status of merchant vessels and direct participation in hostilities by civilians
  • Blockade
  • Prize law
  • Non-International Armed Conflict at Sea
  • New technologies and non-traditional vessels
  • Hospital ships
  • Intelligence collection
  • Interaction with Australian domestic legal obligations
  • Environmental issues


  • Comprehensive
  • Authoritative
  • Rigorous
  • Relevant
  • Topical