The Global Lawyer

The Global Lawyer equips lawyers for practice in a borderless, globalised legal profession.

Published: 01 December, 2019

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Contemporary legal practice faces the paradox of both fragmentation and consolidation through the effects of globalisation of legal services, of clients, and arguably of the law itself. Increasingly, thanks to rapid developments in technology, non-lawyers also deliver legal services.

At the convergence of these influences, lawyers increasingly work outside their ‘home’ jurisdiction: travelling and working internationally, managing matters for international clients, or dealing with laws that bear an international context. They also face competition from law start-ups that are unconstrained by jurisdiction, and consequently lawyers’ work includes interdisciplinary technology-related contexts.

This innovative work represents a research-based approach to identifying legal practitioners’ skill-sets necessary to deal successfully with the wide range of issues encountered in the delivery of legal services in the contemporary global environment.

The research foundation of this work is presented within a clear structure designed to develop the intellectual and practical skills of law graduates and early career lawyers in particular, that are necessary to transition from a domestic legal practitioner to a lawyer equipped to practise in diverse global contexts. It challenges the reader through the use of targeted case studies, identifying the requisite knowledge, skills and attributes to promote ethical global citizenship and a professional, global outlook. Topics covered include cultural competence, diverse digital contexts of legal practice, notions of professionalism and ethics in the global context, and more.

Book Review - The Global Lawyer sent on by John Flood

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  • Research-led approach to professional global citizenship
  • Focus on ethics and professionalism in global contexts
  • Accessible for graduates and early career lawyers
  • Offers opportunities to develop practice-ready knowledge and skills
  • Engaging, informative discussion
  • Relatable to the experience of emerging professionals
  • A progressive, practical resource

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