Security of Payment in NSW, Victoria, ACT, Tasmania and SA, 2nd edition

Security of Payment NSW, Victoria, ACT, Tasmania and SA provides comprehensive annotations of the relevant legislation, together with the current law and interpretation of any particular provision.

Published: 01 July, 2015

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‘…There is no doubt that this contribution to the sparsely available material in this area will be of great interest and assistance to the very many principals, contractors, adjudicators, consultants, lawyers, courts and others advising on, or dealing with, payment claims…’

Justice John Digby,
Supreme Court of Victoria

This second edition has been expanded to cover the ACT, Tasmania and South Australia in addition to New South Wales and Victoria and provides a comprehensive examination of all the case law which has interpreted the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Acts in these states.

In 1999, New South Wales led the way in Australia by introducing a radical new payment regime for the building and construction industry. Victoria was the next state to follow with legislation which was almost identical to New South Wales however, subsequent amendments to both states’ legislation mean there are now many differences between them. The ACT, Tasmania and South Australia each subsequently enacted their versions of the legislation and although clearly based on the New South Wales Act, there are differences and nuances that make each piece of legislation unique.


• Detailed and comprehensive annotations to key legislation
• Quick reference to the current law and interpretation of particular provisions
• Comparative table of the legislation
• Authoritative analysis of cases considering the legislation

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