Lumb, Moens & Trone The Constitution of The Commonwealth of Australia Annotated, 10th edition

Author: John Trone

Authoritative annotations to the Commonwealth Constitution

Published: 17 September, 2021

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This work provides commentary and analysis focusing on the most important decisions concerning the Commonwealth Constitution. In addition to the detailed annotations of each provision of the Constitution, the Introduction provides a clear discussion of other important constitutional concepts such as federalism, the separation of powers, judicial review and proportionality.

The tenth edition has been updated to incorporate the most recent case law and statutory amendments. Examples of significant recent cases covered in this edition include:

Palmer v Ayres (2017) (judicial power)
Re Day (No 2) (2017) (pecuniary interest in an agreement with the public service)
Brown v Tasmania (2017) (freedom of political communication)
Re Canavan (2017) (dual citizenship)
Clubb v Edwards (2019) (freedom of political communication)
Spence v Queensland (2019) (intergovernmental immunity)
Comcare v Banerji (2019) (freedom of political communication)
Love v Commonwealth (2020) (aliens power)
Gerner v Victoria (2020) (intrastate freedom of movement)
Minister for Home Affairs v Benbrika (2021) (judicial power)
Palmer v Western Australia (2021) (closure of State borders during a pandemic)
LibertyWorks Inc v Commonwealth (2021) (freedom of political communication)


• Easy to navigate
• Annotated text of the Constitution
• Authoritative analysis

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