Fundamentals of Australian Administrative Law Questions and Answers

Quick reference short questions with answers across all key administrative law topics

Published: 21 April, 2022

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This innovative new text provides students of administrative law with a quick search resource to answer questions across all key topics within Australian administrative law. Adopting a flipped reading approach to learning, it comprises short questions and answers, addressing important principles in a summary way to facilitate study and revision. Each short answer presents a justification referring to the relevant legislation and case law.

The book can be used either to refresh understanding of foundational principles, terms and legal authorities relating to complex legal topics, or readers can use each chapter as preliminary reading to obtain an initial grounding of the core ideas within a topic to build their understanding from the foundational level to the comprehensive.

It is an ideal companion to a more complex textbook such as Creyke et al, Control of Government Action: Text, Cases and Commentary, and suggested readings from the sixth edition of that text are provided at the conclusion of each chapter. It will equally be suitable as a companion resource for use with any other administrative law textbook.


• Concise direct identification of key principles
• Questions and answer format directs learning
• Provides references to supporting cases and legislation
• Offers a flipped reading approach to develop understanding of key concepts
• Aligns with teaching in Australian administrative law

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