Criminal Law in Australia, 3rd edition

An engaging introduction to criminal law in all Australian jurisdictions.

Published: 22 November, 2022

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Criminal Law in Australia provides a clear and accessible introduction to the substantive criminal law in all states and territories of Australia. It encompasses general principles of criminal liability, the major categories of criminal offences, liability for attempts and accessorial liability and concludes with a discussion of the major defences. Interesting scenario problems with suggested responses demonstrate the application of the law in practice. Although primarily written for students, this book is a useful resource for anyone seeking to understand criminal law in Australia.

The comprehensively updated third edition has been extensively revised for all Australian jurisdictions, including developments relating to:
• sexual assault, including affirmative consent
• industrial manslaughter
• mental impairment
• intimate images and coercive control
• voluntary assisted dying laws
• wage theft


• clearly sets out the mens rea, actus reus and substantive law
• assist readers to gain a general understanding of criminal law principles
• includes flowcharts, tables and diagrams
• sample problem with suggested resolution for each chapter

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