Contract Law: Principles and Practice

Clear, accessible and practical coverage of contract law principles

Published: 17 November, 2021

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Contract Law: Principles and Practice provides a clear, accessible and practical introduction to the principles of contract law. The authors explain and discuss the foundational concepts, combining authoritative commentary with a succinct, engaging and contemporary writing style.

Each topic includes plentiful practical examples of contract law principles in operation, while key cases are highlighted in case note format. In addition to comprehensive coverage of fundamental contract law topics, the authors provide useful discussion on recent developments, such as the influence of modern technologies on contract law formation, electronic transactions, the penalties doctrine, the law of restitution, undue influence, unconscionability, and unfair contract terms.

The accessible and coherent explanations make this an ideal text for students both of law and of other disciplines in which a strong understanding of contract law is required. It is also a valuable resource for lawyers, corporate officers and other professionals.


• Clear, succinct an engaging explanations
• Practical examples
• Case boxes highlight key issues
• Short and longer problem questions for each topic
• Supported by questions and guided responses on the Lexis Learning website for lecturer use

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