LexisNexis Australia brings together a wide range of the latest edition of General titles and ebooks. This comprehensive selection features titles relating to the EU GDPR, EU general data protection regulation, EU privacy laws, GDPR law, and more.
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  1. View details Quick Reference Card: Legal Referencing, 2nd edition
    Author: Ryan Kernaghan
    ISBN: 9780409354737
    Publication Date: August 2021

    A concise quick-reference tool on legal referencing for students and practitioners studying and working across all areas of law

    AUD$ 22.00
  2. View details Legal Interviewing: Theory, Tactics and Techniques
    Author(s): Kay Lauchland, Marlene Le Brun
    ISBN: 9780409308099
    Publication Date: August 1996

    Legal Interviewing: Theory, Tactics and Techniques provides an accessible guide to conducting an effective initial legal interview.

    AUD$ 105.00
  3. View details A Guide to Civil Procedure in Hong Kong, 4th Edition
    ISBN: 9789888111527
    Publication Date: July 2011

    The principal aim of this book is to provide students and practitioners with a clear and up-to-date exposition of the rules and judicial decisions governing the conduct of civil litigation in Hong Kong.
    Publisher: LexisNexis Hong Kong 

    AUD$ 246.32
  4. View details Legal Problem Solving - A Guide for Law Students
    Author: Patrick Keyzer
    ISBN: 9780409312409
    Publication Date: November 2002

    This book describes methods of legal problem solving and then demonstrates how the method can be applied in the solution of an examination question.

    AUD$ 79.00
  5. View details Institutional abuse of children: Legal remedies and redress in Australia, 2nd edition
    Author(s): Tina Cockburn, Bill Madden, Benjamin Madden
    ISBN: 9780409355659
    Publication Date: June 2023

    A must-have book on the legal framework governing claims for compensation and redress from sexual child abuse in institutional settings in Australia.

    Starting at AUD$ 150.00

  6. View details From Prisoners to Predators: True Crime Stories from Australia’s Past
    Author: David Field
    ISBN: 9780409357561
    Publication Date: March 2023

    A fascinating collection of Australian true crime stories and their historical background

    Starting at AUD$ 48.99

  7. View details The Law and Practice of Corporate Governance, 2nd edition
    Author: Ross Grantham
    ISBN: 9780409355956
    Publication Date: December 2022

    The Law and Practice of Corporate Governance 2nd edition is an authoritative, interdisciplinary analysis of modern corporate governance issues, law and practice

    Starting at AUD$ 155.00

  8. View details Foundations of Law: A Customised Publication for Monash University, 3rd edition
    ISBN: 9780409357820
    Publication Date: December 2022

    A customised introduction to law for students at Monash University

    Edited by Ross Hyams

    Starting at AUD$ 149.00

  9. View details Mooting: A Guide for Students, Coaches and Judges
    Author(s): Phil Evans, Vernon Nase
    ISBN: 9780409357073
    Publication Date: October 2022

    Practical, insightful guidance on mooting skills and techniques for all moot participants.

    Starting at AUD$ 75.00

  10. View details Legal Practice in Australia
    Author: John Melia
    ISBN: 9780409356601
    Publication Date: November 2022

    A handy guide for young lawyers to understand and navigate through the initial years of practice

    Starting at AUD$ 75.00

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