Dispute Resolution & Civil Procedure

Dispute Resolution & Civil Procedure

LexisNexis Australia offers a comprehensive and updated selection of books and ebooks on dispute resolution and civil procedure.
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  1. View details Australian Annotated Class Actions Legislation, 3rd edition
    Author(s): Ross McInnes, Michael Legg
    ISBN: 9780409355901
    Publication Date: July 2023

    Offers updated commentary, legislative annotations and practical guidance for legal practitioners.

    Starting at AUD$ 250.00

  2. View details Mediation and Conciliation in Australia: Principles Process Practice
    Author: Laurence Boulle
    ISBN: 9780409356267
    Publication Date: June 2023

    Comprehensive, authoritative coverage of the theory, principles and practice of mediation and conciliation

    Starting at AUD$ 139.00

  3. View details Law of Limitation, 2nd edition
    Author: Gino Dal Pont
    ISBN: 9780409353181
    Publication Date: December 2020

    Navigating the intricacies of limitations schemas that are far from uniform across Australia

    Starting at AUD$ 272.00

  4. View details Advocacy: An Introduction
    Author(s): J. Curthoys, C.N. Kendall
    ISBN: 9780409322064

    Advocacy: An Introduction is the modern guide to advocacy by two recognised experts.

    Starting at AUD$ 121.00

  5. View details Conflict Management: A Practical Guide, 6th edition
    ISBN: 9780409349399
    Publication Date: May 2019

    Conflict Management: A Practical Guide 6th edition provides the essential skills necessary to be a successful conflict manager.

    Starting at AUD$ 191.99

  6. View details Mediation in Australia
    Author(s): Laurence Boulle, Rachael Field
    ISBN: 9780409347364

    A comprehensive treatment of the theory, principles and practice of mediation

    Starting at AUD$ 149.00

  7. View details The International Arbitration Act 1974: A Commentary, 3rd edition
    Author(s): Chester Brown, Malcolm Holmes QC
    ISBN: 9780409348132

    A comprehensive annotation of key international arbitration legislation

    Starting at AUD$ 172.00

  8. View details Legal Professional Privilege in Australia, 3rd edition
    Author: Ronald Desiatnik
    ISBN: 9780409340761

    This well respected book has detailed and scholarly coverage of all aspects of the doctrine of legal professional privilege, and is an authoritative and up-to-date legal work in the market devoted entirely to this area of the law.

    Starting at AUD$ 272.00

  9. View details LexisNexis Case Summaries - Civil Procedure
    Author: Kirk Simmons LLB
    ISBN: 9780409339819

    LexisNexis Case Summaries — Civil Procedure provides a concise summary of the key teaching cases in civil procedure in Australia.

    Starting at AUD$ 48.00

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