LexisNexis Australia provides a wide selection of titles and ebooks relating to fair work regulations. This comprehensive selection features titles relating to the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011, workplace injury rehabilitation, the Compensation Act and anti-discrimination laws.
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  1. View details Client Money: Trust Account Management for Australian Lawyers
    Author: Reid Mortensen
    ISBN: 9780409342079

    A detailed and comprehensive text on the law and professional standards relating to the role of lawyers in handling money held for a client, dealing principally with lawyers’ trust account management. It covers all Australian jurisdictions and includes plentiful accounting examples. It is suitable both as a practitioner reference and for student and PLT use.

    Starting at AUD$ 65.00

  2. View details Land Acquisition, 7th edition
    Author(s): Christopher Conolly, Gary Newton
    ISBN: 9780409347647

    Land Acquisition 7th edition offers an examination of the principles of law governing the compulsory acquisition or resumption of land in Australia.

    Starting at AUD$ 210.00

  3. View details Unjust Enrichment, 2nd edition
    Author(s): Kit Barker, Ross Grantham
    ISBN: 9780409344981

    The second edition responds to the considerable judicial activity in the area in the last few years, notably the growing acceptance of both restitutionary claims and the idea of unjust enrichment as a unifying legal concept in Australia. It highlights the significant changes in the way that the High Court, in particular, has sought to re-conceptualise the subject over last decade.

    Starting at AUD$ 188.00

  4. View details Personal Financial Services Essentials for Lawyers
    Author: Michael Miller
    ISBN: 9780409345889

    A unique book providing practical guidance to lawyers when undertaking financial planning dealings of their clients.

    Starting at AUD$ 161.00

  5. View details Law of Associations
    Author: Gino Dal Pont
    ISBN: 9780409347425
    Publication Date: December 2017

    Law of Associations is a comprehensive commentary on the law governing associations both incorporated and unicorporated

    Starting at AUD$ 196.00

  6. View details Animal Law in Australia: An Integrated Approach, 2nd edition
    Author: Alex Bruce
    ISBN: 9780409343809

    A comprehensive introduction to animal law and philosophy in Australia

    Starting at AUD$ 131.00

  7. View details Australian Insurance Law: A First Reference, 4th edition
    Author: Greg Pynt
    ISBN: 9780409345490

    A valuable resource for law and business students, insurance lawyers and those in the insurance industry

    Starting at AUD$ 164.00

  8. View details Employment Law: Concepts and Cases, 4th edition
    Author: Natalie van der Waarden
    ISBN: 9780409344691
    Publication Date: October 2017

    A popular seller with business, HR, arts and law students, this text discusses the legal principles in an employment relationship and includes recent developments in legislation and case law.

    Starting at AUD$ 107.00

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