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On Veterans Day, NVLSP Commits to Supporting Veterans Throughout the Year

Hundreds of thousands of veterans are denied the care and benefits promised service members when they enlist. NVLSP helps to remedy those injustices.

Pozner & Dodd’s Top 3 Rules of Cross-Examination

Create better control of your cross-examination of any witness, including experts, with trial-proven techniques from cross-examination titans Larry Pozner
and Roger Dodd.

Keeping up with Changing Marijuana Law

As more states legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use, the industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate, creating a range of legal issues that require expertise and guidance.

The Changing Landscape of Civil Litigation in Texas with Author Corinna Chandler
LexisNexis speaks to Dorsaneo & Chandler's Texas Claims and Defenses co-author Corinna Chandler about civil litigation trends and the changing landscape of civil litigation in Texas.

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