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  1. Sentencing in Hong Kong - Eleventh Edition
    View details Sentencing in Hong Kong - Eleventh Edition
    Publication Date: July 2024
    Book (Hardback)

    Authors: I Grenville Cross GBS, SC, Patrick WS Cheung

    The 11th edition of Sentencing in Hong Kong is indispensable for judicial officers, practitioners and academics. 

    HK$ 3,580.00
  2. Butterworths Hong Kong Company Law (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Handbook - Sixth Edition
    View details Butterworths Hong Kong Company Law (Winding Up and Miscellan...
    Publication Date: June 2024
    Book (Soft cover)

    Authors: ELG Tyler, Stefan HC Lo

    The Butterworths Hong Kong Company Law (Winding Up and MiscellaneousProvisions) Handbook details provisions relating to prospectus, companies winding-up rules, insolvency of companies, disqualification of directors, receivership, restrictions on sale of shares and provisions relating to the Societies Ordinance are still in force under the now retitled Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Cap 32).

    HK$ 2,280.00
  3. View details Hong Kong Civil Court Practice (Desk Edition 2024)
    Publication Date: January 2024
    Book (Hardback)eBook

    The Hong Kong Civil Court Practice - Desk Edition 2024 contains the most updated text on the rules of the High Court of Hong Kong with full commentary. Many accomplished practicioners and academics have contributed to this collaborative effort throughout its inception since 1994. The Desk Edition is currently maintained by Julienne Jen.

    Starting at HK$ 3,880.00

  4. View details Hong Kong Personal Insolvency Manual - Third Edition
    Publication Date: December 2023
    Book (Soft cover)eBook

    Since the publication of the Second Edition of The Hong Kong Personal Insolvency Manual in 2010 and the Fourth Edition of its companion volume, The Hong Kong Corporate Insolvency Manual in 2018, there have been significant developments in the personal insolvency law and practice in Hong Kong. This Third Edition of The Hong Kong Personal Insolvency Manual addresses personal insolvency law developments and updates the discussion of case law and legislative enactments. It will be a valuable resource for accounting and legal professionals working in the insolvency field, as well as for bankers, academics and university students.

    Starting at HK$ 2,000.00

  5. View details Butterworths Hong Kong Employees' Compensation Handbook...
    Publication Date: February 2023
    Book (Soft cover)

    Authors: Au Lut Chi, Kyra Kung

    Butterworths Hong Kong Employees’ Compensation Handbook encompasses up-to-date materials of the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance (Cap. 282), a key piece of Hong Kong legislation pertaining to employees’ compensation.

    Not only does it reproduce the current text of the Ordinance and details of amendments and repeals, the Handbook also provides section-by-section annotations to the Ordinance, while a significant number of judicial decisions and court rules are included in these annotations. In addition, the said annotations contain notes, practical aspects and contentious issues associated with particular sections in a succinct manner, including definitions of words and phrases.

    Those engaging in or interested in employees’ compensation in Hong Kong, such as lawyers, businesspeople, in-house counsel, company directors, company secretaries, Human resources managers, and judicial officials, will find this Handbook an invaluable companion.

    HK$ 2,100.00
  6. View details Butterworths Hong Kong Securities Law Handbook - Seventh Edi...
    Publication Date: November 2022
    Book (Soft cover)eBook

    Authors: Bernard Mak, Brian Lo, Candice Lau, Ernest C Y Ng, Jason Gerber, Lok Ho, Mike Yeung, and Vincent Lung.

    The Butterworths Hong Kong Securities Law Handbook (Seventh Edition) is a detailed work of reference containing up-to-date materials on the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap 571), the landmark statute that consolidated and reformed pre-existing legislation regulating securities, futures and leveraged foreign exchange contracts, intermediaries and markets in Hong Kong.

    Starting at HK$ 3,700.00