Butterworths Hong Kong Company Law (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Handbook - Sixth Edition

Authors: ELG Tyler, Stefan HC Lo

The Butterworths Hong Kong Company Law (Winding Up and MiscellaneousProvisions) Handbook details provisions relating to prospectus, companies winding-up rules, insolvency of companies, disqualification of directors, receivership, restrictions on sale of shares and provisions relating to the Societies Ordinance are still in force under the now retitled Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Cap 32).

Publication Date: June 2024

Publisher: LexisNexis

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What’s new in this title:

  • Court of Final Appeal decisions on the effect of exclusive jurisdiction clauses on winding up petitions (Re Lam Kwok Hung Guy, ex p Tor Asia Credit Master Fund LP (2023) 26 HKCFAR 119, [2023] 4 HKC 93, [2023] HKCFA 9) and on the threshold requirements for winding up a foreign company in Hong Kong (Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Ltd v Arjowiggins HKK 2 Ltd [2022] 5 HKC 318, (2022) 25 HKCFAR 98, [2022] HKCFA 11).
  • New cases on cross-border insolvency, such as Re Global Brands Group Holding Ltd (in liq) [2022] 3 HKLRD 3, [2022] HKCU 2967, [2022] HKCFI 1789; Re Up Energy Development Group Ltd [2022] 2 HKLRD 993, [2022] HKCFI 1329; Re Guoan International Ltd [2023] HKCU 939, [2023] HKCFI 666 Re China Properties Group Ltd (In Liq) [2023] 4 HKLRD 811, [2023] HKCFI 2346); and new cases dealing with the Cooperation Mechanism between the High Court of Hong Kong and designated Intermediate People's Courts in Mainland China: Re Trinity International Brands Ltd [2023] HKCFI 1581; Re Husk’s Green Technology Holding Co Ltd [2023] HKCFI 3054.
  • Amendments made by the Bankruptcy and Companies Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Ordinance (22 of 2023), including amendments to enable the sending of documents electronically to the Official Receiver’s Office, and removing certain requirements for newspaper advertisement of notices in company liquidations, while maintaining existing requirements for gazettal of notices.
  • Revised Practice Direction 3.1 (Bankruptcy and Winding-Up Proceedings) dated 30 June 2023, replacing the previous version dated 24 January 2017. 

1 The Historical Development of Hong Kong's Anti-Corruption Law

2 The ICAC of the Hong Kong SAR - Part I: Establishment and Structure

3 The ICAC of the Hong Kong SAR - Part II: Jurisdiction and Operations

4 Powers of Arrest and Detention

5 Part I of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance

6 The Mens Rea of Part II Offences

7 Sections 3 and 8, Prevention of Bribery Ordinance: The Offer and Acceptance of Advantages without a Corrupt Purpose

8 Sections 4 and 7, Prevention of Bribery Ordinance: Corruption Involving Public Bodies

9 Section 9, Prevention of Bribery Ordinance: Corrupt Transactions with Agents

10 Section 10, Prevention of Bribery Ordinance: Explaining Undue Wealth

11 Sentencing for Corruption Offences

12 Powers of Investigation

13 Prosecuting Offences under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance

14 The Common Law Offence of Misconduct in Public Office

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