Quick Reference Card: Law of Remedies, 2nd edition

A concise quick-reference tool for students and practitioners studying or working with the remedies in civil law or remedies in the law of contract, equity and restitution

Published: 12 July, 2021

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Commentary: A4, 6-page, laminated card
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Quick Reference Card - Law of Remedies, 2nd ed, updated by Louise Parsons offers a concise and easy to follow summary of the most important principles of the Law of Remedies. This Quick Reference Card is a perfect study aid for law students or a quick go-to reference for practitioners working in the field. Covers remedies in contract, torts and equity.


• Concise summary of the most important principles of contract, torts and equitable remedies
• Overview of important legislation and cases
• Bold headings and colour coded boxes structure the subject.
• Quick and easy - information at one’s fingertips
• Portable
• Durable because of laminated card stock
• Attractive pricing
• Ideal as checklist
• Perfect for use in exams and for assignments

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  • 1. Contract
  • - Damages
  • - Specific Performance
  • - Injunction
  • 2. Torts
  • - Negligence
  • - Defamation
  • - Equitable damages
  • - Account of profits
  • - Proprietary remedies
  • 3. Equitable Remedies
  • - Specific relief

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