Foundations of the Australian Legal System: History, Theory and Practice

An introduction to the Australian legal system

Published: 15 March, 2023

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Offering a wide range of topics found in most foundations of law units of study, this text covers the basic building blocks of the legal system, including the nature of law, legal referencing, a consideration of ‘precedent’, the principles of statutory interpretation, and the sophisticated and demanding world of the management of international disputes. It details the history of the common law and describes the contribution of leading jurists to its development. Throughout, the book focuses on the importance and continuing relevance of the ‘rule of law’ for the maintenance of a mature legal system. The book also details the legal ethics and legal responsibility of lawyers.


• Explains the Australian legal system in practice
• Discusses historical and philosophical origins and underlying principles
• Provides clear explanations of legal theory
• Aligns with most foundations of law units
• A clear introduction to Australian Law

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