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Criminal Law

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  1. View details Waller & Williams Criminal Law Text and Cases, 14th edition (eBook)
    Author(s): Steven Tudor, Bronwyn Naylor, Stephen Gray , Thomas Crofts , Penny Crofts, Tyrone Kirchengast
    ISBN: 9780409350890
    Publication Date: October 2020
    An authoritative source for the criminal law of New South Wales and Victoria.
    MYR 682.34
  2. View details Hayes & Eburn Criminal Law and Procedure in New South Wales, 6th edition (eBook)
    ISBN: 9780409350272
    Publication Date: October 2019
    Hayes & Eburn Criminal Law and Procedure in New South Wales is a clear, accessible coverage of the basic principles of the NSW criminal justice system by Roderick N Howie QC (Author), Paul Sattler (Author), Marissa Hood (Author)
    MYR 610.74
  3. View details Criminal Law in Australia, 2nd Ed (eBook)
    ISBN: 9780409350180
    Publication Date: November 2019
    Criminal Law in Australia, 2nd edition is an engaging introduction to criminal law in all Australian jurisdictions by Lorraine Finlay (Author), Dr Tyrone Kirchengast (Author)
    MYR 442.26
  4. View details Introduction to Principles & Liabilities in Criminal Law - 2nd Edition
    ISBN: 9789674001025
    Publication Date: September 2012
    Designed to serve as an introduction and guide to students, this Second Edition has now been expanded to thirteen chapters characterized by a selection of topics which presents the nature of substantive criminal law and criminal responsibility.
    Physical books are now printed on demand. Order now to receive your book in 4 weeks.
    MYR 190.00
  5. A Practical Handbook on Criminal Proceedings in Malaysia, Fourth Edition
    View details A Practical Handbook on Criminal Proceedings in Malaysia, Fourth Edition
    Author: Teo Say Eng
    Publication Date: July 2023
    eBookBook (Soft cover)
    This practical Handbook is prepared primarily for those conducting the prosecution or the defence, as the case maybe, in the Subordinate Courts as well as the High Courts in Malaysia. This is an updated version of an earlier edition (Third Edition) which was published in 2006. The title of the handbook has been amended to cover all aspects of criminal litigations in Courts. A new chapter on sentencing has been added and several chapters have been usefully expanded to keep abreast with the latest development of the law and all the case law updated to make the handbook more complete.

    Starting at MYR 594.00

  6. View details Criminal Law in Singapore
    Author(s): Chan Wing Cheong, Neil Morgan, Stanley Yeo
    Publication Date: December 2021
    Book (Soft cover)eBook
    This book describes and evaluates the general principles of criminal responsibility and the major offences against the person and property contained in the Singapore Penal Code. Leading cases from Singapore and the other Indian Penal Code jurisdictions of India, Malaysia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka are considered, along with relevant cases from major common law jurisdictions.

    Starting at MYR 650.16

  7. View details Mallal's Criminal Procedure, 8th Edition
    Author(s): Tan Sri James Foong, Tan Sri Zainun Ali
    Publication Date: November 2020
    This Eighth Edition of Dr Bashir Mallal's work continues his aims of providing the legal profession with an authoritative and practical guide to the criminal procedure and practice of both the Superior and Subordinate Courts in Malaysia.

    Starting at MYR 648.00

  8. View details The Process of Criminal justice (Part 2) 2nd Edition
    ISBN: skumy0079
    This book provides an in depth look into the judicial stage of the criminal justice system in Malaysia.

    Starting at MYR 205.20

  9. View details Offences Against Persons And Property
    ISBN: skumy0064
    The book incorporates amendments introduced into the Penal Code by the Penal Code (Amendment) Act 1993 (Act A860) which came into force in September 1993, Act A1131 in August 2002, Act A1210 in March 2007 and A1273 and A1303 in September 2007.

    Starting at MYR 140.40

  10. View details LexisNexis Guide to Litigation - Penal Code
    ISBN: skumy0059
    This book provides a section by section commentary on the Penal Code with references to relevant cases and legislation in both local and foreign jurisdiction. It also gives a documentation of the changes made to the legislation, enabling the reader to have a complete view of the evolution of the legislation.

    Starting at MYR 194.40

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