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  1. View details Hong Kong Tenancy Law - Student Edition
    Publication Date: January 2017
    eBookBook (Soft cover)

    Author: Malcolm Merry

    This popular text book, now more than 30 years old, continues to be addressed by all those with an interest in landlord and tenant matters: laymen as well as lawyers, and land professionals. The aim as before is to summarise the law with as much accuracy as is consistent with being intelligible for a wider audience.

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    Starting at HK$ 750.00

  2. View details Hong Kong Tenancy Law - Sixth Edition
    Publication Date: December 2016
    Book (Hardback)

    Author(s): Malcolm Merry

    Detailed coverage of landlord and tenant law in Hong Kong.

    HK$ 2,000.00
  3. View details Building Management in Hong Kong - Third Edition
    Publication Date: February 2016
    Book (Soft cover)

    Author(s): Malcolm Merry

    The leading resource for anyone dealing with building management.

    HK$ 1,600.00