Hong Kong Tenancy Law - Sixth Edition

Author(s): Malcolm Merry

Detailed coverage of landlord and tenant law in Hong Kong.

Publication Date: December 2016

Publisher: LexisNexis

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This popular text book, now more than 30 year’s old, continues to be addressed by all those with an interest in landlord and tenant matters: laymen as well as lawyers, and land professionals. The aim as before is to summarise the law with as much accuracy as is consistent with being intelligible for a wider audience.

For this sixth edition of Hong Kong Tenancy Law, revisions have been made to parts of the text concerning oral tenancy agreements, short leases, registration of leases, the term of the lease, exemption clauses, the tenant’s representative on management committees, repairs, relief against forfeiture, vacant possession and damages. An entirely new section deals with rental levels, in Hong Kong and why they are historically so high.  It also sets out the special features of the landlord and tenant relationship in Hong Kong. Numerous recent court decisions are referred to.

The book explains the law in simple and lucid fashion. Areas of practical importance are emphasised, ensuring that the text is of particular relevance for legal practitioners.  

1 Landlords, Tenants and Leases

2 Land Ownership and Land Values

3 Preliminaries to the Lease

4 Types of Tenancy

5 Contents of the Lease

6 Rent

7 Distress for Rent

8 Deposits, Taxes and Management Fees

9 Repairs

10 Assignment and Subletting

11 Termination: Expiry, Notice and Power

12 Forfeiture and Repudiation

13 Surrender, Merger, Frustration and Statute

14 After Termination

15 Private Residential Lettings

Appendices: Examples of Leases with Commentary

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