The Law of Evidence in Virginia

A comprehensive guide to Virginia evidence from start to finish in one volume.
Publisher: Michie

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8th Edition
ISBN: 9781522165262
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8th Edition
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Product description

Recognized as a leading authority on the law of evidence in Virginia, this thorough reference provides you with guidance through the process of collecting and using evidence at trial.

Its comprehensive scope of content includes coverage of important issues such as:

  • Examination of witnesses
  • Impeachment and support
  • Character evidence
  • Admission and exclusion of evidence
  • Circumstantial evidence
  • Scientific evidence
  • Hearsay

The table of cases and index allow you to find what you need quickly and expand your research.

Don't be without this essential Virginia treatise as you analyze clients' issues and take them to trial.

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Table of contents

Preface to the Seventh Edition


Ch. 1 Evidence in Virginia

Ch. 2 Admission and Exclusion of Evidence

Ch. 3 Judicial Notice

Ch. 4 Presumptions

Ch. 5 Burden of Proof

Ch. 6 Relevance

Ch. 7 Circumstantial Proof & Policy-Based Evidence Exclusion Rules

Ch. 8 Character Evidence

Ch. 9 Privilege

Ch. 10 Competency and Disqualification of Witnesses

Ch. 11 Examination of Witnesses

Ch. 12 Impeachment and Rehabilitation of Witnesses

Ch. 13 Lay Opinion and Expert Testimony

Ch. 14 Scientific Evidence

Ch. 15 Hearsay

Ch. 16 Foundations for Proof – Real and Illustrative Evidence

Ch. 17 Authentication of Writings

Ch. 18 Best and Secondary Evidence

Ch. 19 Parol Evidence Rule Appendix

A – Virginia Rules of Evidence Appendix

B – Source Notes Virginia Rules of Evidence

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes