Virginia Civil Procedure

Comprehensive treatise organized chronologically through pleading, pretrial motions, trial, and appeal.
Publisher: Michie

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6th Edition
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6th Edition
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6th Edition
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Virginia Civil Procedure, Sixth Edition covers all the rules for every level of the Virginia court system, from the General District Courts to the Supreme Court of Virginia. Turn to it every time you have a question or need a refresher on any aspect of Virginia civil process. This valuable treatise is organized intuitively with chapters that guide you through the entire civil process, from jurisdiction, venue and pre-trial process all the way through the appellate process.

This Sixth Edition expands the scope and depth of coverage on a number of issues reflecting a broad range of statutory and case law developments. Other additions reflect suggestions from members of the Virginia Bar, including members of the Advisory Committee on Rules of Practice, and several judges of the Circuit Courts.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Courts
Chapter 2 Claims, Defenses, and Immunities
Chapter 3 Remedies in Virginia Practice
Chapter 4 Limitation of Actions
Chapter 5 Parties
Chapter 6 Venue
Chapter 7 Service of Process and Jurisdiction
Chapter 8 Pleading the Cause of Action
Chapter 9 Responsive Pleading, Motions, and Demurrer
Chapter 10 Rules of Court
Chapter 11 Proceedings Before Trial
Chapter 12 Discovery
Chapter 13 Trial
Chapter 14 Judgments and Decrees
Chapter 15 Execution of Judgments and Related Proceedings
Chapter 16 Attachment
Chapter 17 Appellate Practice and Procedure
Chapter 18 Compromise and Settlement
Chapter 19 Commissioners in Chancery
Appendix I Glossary
Appendix II Revision of Title 8 of the Code of Virginia
Appendix III Comparable Sections of Title 8 and Title 8.01
Appendix IV Comparable Sections of Title 8.01 and Title 8
Table of Cases
Table of Authorities