Friend's Virginia Pleading and Practice

This authoritative, comprehensive, two-volume set provides in-depth coverage ...
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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781522145530
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This authoritative, comprehensive, two-volume set provides in-depth coverage on a wide array of issues and topics relating to pleadings and practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Designed to provide fast, accurate answers to issues encountered in everyday civil practice, this publication encompasses everything from courts, jurisdiction and venue, to motions for judgment and defensive pleadings, to enforcement of judgments

Written by Charles E. Friend of Williamsburg and annually updated and supplemented by Professor Kent Sinclair of the University of Virginia School of Law, leading Virginia civil practice and evidence scholars, Friend's Virginia Pleading and Practice, Second Edition aids the practitioner and judge alike in understanding the law and its application to pleadings and practice.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Courts
Chapter 2 Jurisdiction
Chapter 3 Venue
Chapter 4 Process
Chapter 5 Parties
Chapter 6 Pleadings Generally
Chapter 7 Commencement of Actions: Complaints, Etc.
Chapter 8 Defensive Pleadings
Chapter 9 Counterclaims, Cross-Claims, and Third-Party Proceedings
Chapter 10 Plaintiff’s Responsive Pleadings
Chapter 10A Motions, Scheduling, and Pretrial Conferences
Chapter 11 Depositions and Discovery
Chapter 12 Nonsuit
Chapter 13 Summary Judgment
Chapter 14 Compromise, Settlement, and Release
Chapter 15 Sanctions
Chapter 16 Continuances
Chapter 17 Subpoenas and Witnesses
Chapter 18 Juries and Jurors
Chapter 19 Trial Procedure
Chapter 20 Post-Verdict Motions
Chapter 21 Judgments, Orders, and Decrees
Chapter 22 Enforcement of Judgments
Chapter 23 Damages
Chapter 24 Contract Actions
Chapter 25 Tort Actions: Negligent and Intentional Personal Injuries and Wrongful Death
Chapter 26 Tort Actions: Other Common-Law and Statutory Remedies

Chapter 27 Property Actions
Chapter 28 Domestic Actions
Chapter 29 Consumer Actions and Product Liability
Chapter 30 Declaratory Judgments
Chapter 31 Proceedings in General District Courts
Chapter 32 Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts; Family Courts; Small Claims Courts; Commissioners in Chancery: Local Rules of Court
Chapter 33 Writs and Injunctions
Chapter 34 Alternatives to Trial: Arbitration and Award and Dispute Resolution Proceedings
Chapter 35 Limitations of Actions: Statutes of Limitations; Immunities; Res Judicata and Collateral Estoppel
Chapter 36 Equitable Remedies, Defenses, and Procedure
Chapter 37 Appeals to The Supreme Court of Virginia
Chapter 38 Appeals to The Court of Appeals of Virginia
Chapter 39 Appeals to Circuit Courts
Chapter 39A Interlocutory Appeals
Chapter 40 Rules of Evidence
Chapter 41 Rules of Procedure
Chapter 42 Electronic Filing
Appendix A Rules of Practice and Procedure of the State Corporation Commission
Appendix B Rules of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission
Appendix C Text of SB 1118, Chapter 681 of the Acts of Assembly
Appendix D Practice and Procedure in Civil Actions
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes