Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eBook?

  • An eBook is an electronic version of its printed equivalent that can be read on your desktop, laptop or Mobile devices. LexisNexis eBooks are digital, downloadable versions of our law books. In most cases they look exactly like the printed version, so you will see all the same graphs, charts and drawings

Where can I find LexisNexis eBooks?

  • Our entire catalog of over 3800+ eBooks is available for purchase on the LexisNexis Store. Search for a specific title or browse by category, practice area, jurisdiction, or content type. You also may call 800.223.1940 or contact your LexisNexis representative to place an order for you.

What is EPUB3 and when will this new format be made available to customers ?

  • EPUB3 is the latest version of EPUBEPUB3 is based on the latest HTML5 standard, which means EPUB publications can now contain video, audio, and interactivity – just like websites in modern browsers. An EPUB3 publication's content is by default reflowable and most reading systems dynamically paginate that content. Many LexisNexis eBooks are now available in the EPUB3 format. This format allows us to present citations and navigation at the beginning of each section of the book. Customers will be able to click links from the main navigation to easily navigate to relevant sections throughout the book. The printing enhancement allows for easy printing by section.
  • Customers will receive email alerts when enhanced eBook files are made available in their download center. Downloading is not required but is necessary if you would like to use the new features afforded by EPUB3 format

Do I have to pay shipping, handling or taxes on LexisNexis eBooks?

  • When you purchase a LexisNexis eBook, there are no shipping and handling charges. Sales tax will be based on your credit card billing address.

Can I return an eBook purchase?

  • All eBooks, CDs, downloadable content, and software purchases are non-cancellable, nonrefundable and nonreturnable.

Can I share my LexisNexis eBook?

  • LexisNexis eBooks are individually licensed for use to one individual and cannot be shared. The Terms of Use for a LexisNexis eBook can be found at the front of your eBook. You also may access the Electronic Publications Master Agreement for additional information related to eBooks, PDFs and other offline publications distributed electronically by LexisNexis.

Does the eBook link out to Lexis® for cases, citations, etc.?

  • Yes. LexisNexis eBooks carry dynamic links to cases and citations, identifiable in green font. Use your active Lexis User ID and password to use the links with an online connection.

I see 2 different formats for eBooks on the LexisNexis store. How do I know which one to purchase?

  • LexisNexis eBooks are available in ePub and Mobi formats. Some eBooks may be also available in PDF format. The format you choose depends on the eReader device or app you will be using to read the eBook. Both ePub and Mobi formats will also allow you to read via your web browser with the Read Now feature accessible after purchase via the Download Center. Read Now is our preferred reading experience.
  • Readers like Apple iBook, Adobe Digital Editions, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Bluefire use the ePub format to render eBooks. Amazon Kindle and some Android based readers use the Mobi format. Please refer to your reader device or reader app help pages for more details.

What eReading software is recommended?

  • To make your reading experience simple, LexisNexis provides a complimentary Read Now function that allows you to easily read your eBook instantly in your web browser on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Read Now, powered by OverDrive Read, does not require any additional software.  Read Now can be used on any modern browser.
  • There are several eReader devices and apps available in the market and the technology is evolving rapidly. While we do not recommend a specific reader or app, we are constantly improving our eBooks to give you the best reading experience. Most eReaders use the EPUB format while the Kindle readers and some Android based readers require the MOBI format. You may choose your own reader based on your needs and download the appropriate format of LexisNexis eBooks from our Download Center.
  • We are happy to help you download the right format to a reader and device of your choice. Please feel free to call us at 1.800.833.9844 for eBook support.

Do eBooks “expire” or “time out”?

    Your eBook will not expire. Once downloaded, your eBook is always available to you within your eReader’ s library. You may also read your eBooks using Read Now by accessing your Download Center as many times as you would like to read your eBook.

    If you have purchased a subscription and the content in your subscription is updated, you may receive an email notification from LexisNexis with an invitation to download the new edition or updated volume.

Do I need Internet access to read LexisNexis eBooks?

  • Once downloaded to your device, no Internet access is necessary to read downloaded files. However, Read Now requires an online connection and Lexis links require online access and a subscription.

What should I expect after I have purchased a LexisNexis eBook?

  • You will receive an email with download instructions. Once you have completely read your instructions and verified your purchase information, follow the instructions in your email to Read Now in your web browser or download the eBook to your device. If opting to download, we recommend that you download the eBook to the device on which you will be reading this eBook.

How do I download my eBook from LexisNexis?

  • You may download the eBook directly to your eReading device (PC, tablet or mobile). You may also choose to download the eBook to your computer and then sync to an eReader of your choice.

    If this is your first LexisNexis eBook purchase, you will receive an email from us asking you to activate your LexisNexis Store Account. Your user ID for this account is the email address at which you have received this email. A temporary password will be sent in a separate email to protect your privacy. Reset your password as soon as possible. If you have previously registered with us at the LexisNexis Store, then click on the link in the email to go to the LexisNexis Store. Sign in using your email address and password, click on My Account and then choose Download Center. Your downloadable files will be listed in this section.
    1. Files are labeled as NewUpdated, or Expired to help you clearly identify and track your purchases. You can also sort your downloads by date, quantities ordered and alphabetically.
    2. The eBook files will be listed for each title you ordered. Locate the item you wish to download and click on the Download icon to begin your download. Read any additional instructions that might be displayed and then confirm the download action by clicking the Download now button. Your download will then begin.
    3. Downloading digital content takes advantage of the download management capabilities that exist within your Internet browser. Follow the instructions that may be specific to that browser. To read an eBook directly in the eReader of choice always select Open. If you have multiple compatible eReader apps on your device, your browser will give you the option to choose the eReader you want to use to open this eBook. Once you have successfully opened or downloaded your purchase, close any windows and either repeat the process for other items or sign out of your account.
    4. Launch your eReader and navigate to the eBook files in your virtual bookshelf within your eReader.

I purchased a multi-volume set. Can I download all volumes at the same time?

  • Individual volumes of a multi-volume set must be downloaded one at a time. The size of the files in a multi-volume set is not conducive to simultaneous downloads. Click on the Individual Volumes link to expand a list of each volume contained in the set. Click on the Download icon displayed against the volume to download one volume at a time.

    Please note, the Download button next to the title of the multi-volume set appears gray because you cannot download the entire set in one download. Click on < Individual Volumes below the title of the multi-volume set and then you can Read Now or Download one volume at a time.

How many times can I download my LexisNexis eBook?

  • Once you’ve downloaded your LexisNexis eBook, you can gain access to it as many times as you’d like on your e-reader library or shelf. Your license to download an eBook from the LexisNexis Download Center, however, is equal to the quantity purchased. The number of downloads per license may vary depending on the title. The Download icon will be grayed out when you have exceeded your download limit.

I missed downloading a couple updates to my subscription. How can I access these previous editions?

  • Your previous editions are safe in your Download Center. You can access and download previous editions any time by clicking on the Previous editions button below the file name in the Download Center.

If I purchase a LexisNexis eBook subscription with updates, how do I receive these subscription updates?

  • When an update becomes available for your subscription, you will receive an email alert from LexisNexis notifying you that your publication has been updated. You may then download the updated publication from the LexisNexis Download Center and sync to your preferred device.

I have downloaded the eBook to my laptop/desktop. How do I upload my LexisNexis eBook to my eReader?

  • We recommend you download the eBook to the device or eReader directly. Use the browser capabilities on your reader to access the LexisNexis Download Center and begin the download. Your browser will prompt you to choose the reader app you want to use to view the file.

What happens if my device crashes or I lose my eBook reader? Can I replace my eBook files?

  • If you haven’t reached your download limit, you can download another copy. If you have, order more copies from the LexisNexis Store or contact your LexisNexis representative.

I spend most of my time in the office working on my desktop or laptop. Can I access LexisNexis eBooks on my computer?

  • Yes, you can access your LexisNexis eBook directly from your computer. Read Now, powered by OverDrive Read, is our preferred reader. This feature in our Download Center allows you to read a LexisNexis® eBook instantly in your Web browser without the need of downloading or special software. Read Now can be used on any modern browser.

    In addition to Read Now, there are many free e-reader apps available for use on the desktop or laptop.

I have placed an eBook order for several people. How can I get each eBook to the correct person?

  • After you have placed the order, the purchased title will appear in your Download Center section under your LexisNexis Store Account. Next to the title, you will see an Assign button. Click this button and enter the email address(es) of the people to whom you want to assign the purchased titles.

    For bulk orders, the buyer can upload a list of email addresses via .csv file. Any subsequent updates for the titles will be automatically sent to the person to whom you have assigned the title. Multi-volume sets can only be assigned as sets and not as individual volumes. Certain titles may be restricted from being assigned. Please contact Customer Support or call 800.833.9844 Monday through Friday 8 A.M. - 8 P.M. EST to learn more.

Will I be able to view my eBooks offline?

  • Yes. You just need to download your eBook to your PC, laptop or Mobile device. Once the book is downloaded onto your device, you can read it offline anytime, anywhere!

What are the copy and print restrictions on LexisNexis eBooks? Can I print and copy my LexisNexis eBook?

  • Copy and Print restrictions (DRM) have been set on eBooks to prevent unauthorized reproduction of our content. These restrictions vary from book to book and limit the number of pages you can copy and print from an eBook. You receive a fixed allotment for print and copy when you first download your eBook.

    Printing is tracked in whole pages, regardless of whether you select a paragraph or the whole page of text. You may not send more than 10 pages at a time to the printer. Copying is tracked in "copy instances." A copy instance is worth a certain number of pages, depending on the total page count of the eBook.

    eBook DRM settings and permissions are viewable after you place an eBook in your cart on the LexisNexis Store or you may ask your sales representative for more information.

What does DRM mean, and how will it affect my LexisNexis eBook ownership?

  • You may see Digital Rights Management (DRM) in your LexisNexis eBook Terms of Use, located in the front of your eBook. DRM places the purchaser’s account name and email address in the eBook file. DRM ensures that a specific copy of a LexisNexis eBook is licensed to one individual and that individual alone uses it. In this way, copyright laws are respected and authors and publishers are compensated fairly.

    Some LexisNexis eBooks require an active Adobe account ID and an Adobe compatible e-reader.

    You also may access the Electronic Publications Master Agreement for additional information related to eBooks, PDFs and other offline publications distributed electronically by LexisNexis.

Why do I need to authorize my computer with my Adobe ID?

  • Some LexisNexis eBooks carry digital protection via Adobe and are read on e-readers that support Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM). You need an Adobe user account to download these eBooks. Consult the Adobe website to create this account or if you have questions about using the software.

    If you don’t want to download this eBook, you can read titles using our Read Now feature.

Additional Questions:

Review the LexisNexis eBook Support & Training site at or contact Customer Support or call 800.833.9844 Monday through Friday 8 A.M. - 8 P.M. EST.