Risk Assessments for Financial Institutions

Risk Assessments for Financial Institutions is a practical guide with assessment tools including questionnaires and templates for compliance, audit, and more.

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Risk assessment is an integral part of an institution's risk-based audit and controls for all products, services and activities. Time, new products, regulatory changes, competitive environment changes, and market conditions are just some of the factors that can impact risk assessments. In order for financial institutions to satisfy the regulators, they must constantly evaluate risks, weigh risks against rewards, and make decisions based on these evaluations.

Risk Assessments for Financial Institutions is a compilation of all the best tools from our most popular risk and audit manuals; here is a reliable resource that you can trust to save you time, make your organization safer, and make your job easier. Updated regularly, there are now risk assessments for such topics as social media, liquidity management, cloud computing, asset management for trusts, and remote deposit capture.

Risk Assessments for Financial Institutions specifies risks based on specific rating systems in the following areas:
•  Mobile Banking
•  Remote Deposit Capture
•  Information Security
•  Information Technology
•  Business Continuity
•  Electronic Banking
•  Compliance
•  Audit
•  Lending
•  Finance and Accounting
•  Enterprise Risk Management

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Subscribers will receive a downloadable file containing editable forms. Chapters 23A, 27A, and 27B reprint material that appears in Practices and Procedures for Financial Institution Risk Management, also by Gary Deutsch.

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This publication includes editable Word files for the following documents:

No.                Title
Ex-1.1.1         Internal Auditing Control Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Ex-1.1.2         Sample Pre-Audit Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Ex-3.3.1         Board/Audit Committee Oversight Questionnaire
Ex-3.1.2         Core Audit Procedures Questionnaire
Ex-3.1A.1      Sample Charter for an Audit Committee Authority
Ex-3.1A.2      Questions to Be Considered in Evaluating an Internal Control Structure within a Financial Institution
Ex-3.1A.3      Checklist for Internal Controls         Internal Audit Review Questionnaire         External Auditor Independence Questionnaires
Ex-5.1            Sample Procedures for Teller Cash, Deposits, and Loans
                       Description: Risk Management Process
Ex-6.1            Risk Assessment Rating Recap Form
Ex-6.2            Risk Categories, Definitions, and Examples
Ex-6.3            Inherent Risk Survey Form
Ex-6.4            Management of Risk Survey Form
7.1                 Sample Risk Assessment for Treasury
7.2                 Sample Risk Assessment for Commercial and Consumer Lending
7.3                 Sample Risk Assessment for Internet Banking
7.4                 Sample Risk Assessment Policy for Branch Security
7.5                 Risk Assessment Rating Weights
7.6                 Risk Assessment Ratings
7.7                 Risk-Weighted Rating Matrix
7.8                 Sample Financial Institution Audit Coverage Matrix Internal Audit Year Ended December 31
7.9                 Sample Loan Operations Risk Based Audit Program
7.10               ACH Terms
N/A                Risk-Based Fair Lending Examination Procedures
Ex-7.15.2       Exhibit 7.15.2: Audit Procedure Checklist for Identifying Shell Company Risks
Ex-7.16.1       Risk Based Audit Program for Investor-Owned, 1- to 4-Family Residential Properties
Ex-7.17.1       Sample Other Real Estate (ORE) Policy & Procedures
Ex-7.18.1       Model Validation Checklist       Third Party Relationships Audit Checklists
Ex-9.1             Sample Internal Audit Policy
10.1.11           Information Technology Audit Checklist
10.1.2             Sample Audit Committee Charter
10.1.3             Sample Internal Audit Charter
10.1.4             Risk Management Action Plan Worksheet
10.1.4             Outsourcing Responsibilities Checklist
10.1.6             Sample Audit-Planning Questionnaire
10.1.7             Sample Memos
10.1.8             Sample Audit Plan Template
10.1.9             Time Report Worksheet
10.1.11            Pre-Audit Self-Assessment Questionnaire
10.1.11            Sample Charter for an Audit Committee Authority
10.1.12            Questions to Be Considered in Evaluating an Internal Control Structure Within a Financial Institution
10.1.13            Checklist for Internal Controls    


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Table of contents

Section I Assessing the Risk of Banking Operations

Section II OFAC Risk Management

Section III GLBA Information Security Risk Assessment

Section IV Technical and Physical Security Risk Assessment Worksheets

Section V IT Risk Assessment

Section VI Vulnerability Assessments

Section VII Business Continuity Risk Assessment

Section VIII C.A.R.V.E.R. Risk Assessment Model Applied to Pandemics

Section IX ACH Risk Management

Section X Risk Assessment in Implementing a Debit Card Program

Section XI Risk Management for Electronic Banking

Section XII Basel Committee on Possible Risks

Section XIII Internal Controls

Section XIV Risk Assessment of Consumer Compliance Management Programs

Section XV Compliance Risk Assessment Checklists

Section XVI Risk Assessment Surveys

Section XVII Risk Assessment Checklists

Section XVIII Risk Assessment for Lending

Section XIX Risk Assessment for Branch Security

Section XX Compiling Risk Assessment Ratings

Section XXI Determining Audit Cycles

Section XXII Audit Committee

Section XXIII Audit Internal Controls Checklists

Section XXIV Lending Internal Controls Checklists

Section XXV Finance and Accounting Internal Controls Checklists

Section XXVI Risk Assessment for Trust
ID Theft Red Flag Toolkit
Step-By-Step Guide to Developing Your Identity Theft Prevention Program

Section XXVII Conducting ERM Risk Assessments

Section XXVIII Remote Deposit Capture Risk Assessment