Pozner and Dodd, The Masters of Cross-Examination DVD

Obtain better trial outcomes with practical guidance from the nation's leading experts on cross-examination.
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DVD :4 Discs
3rd Edition
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ISBN: 9781422493977
Publisher: LexisNexis
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Sample the authoritative guidance from Larry Pozner and Roger Dodd in this excerpt from the Masters of Cross-Examination DVD: www.youtube.com

Undermining the opponent's case and discrediting the opponent's witnesses have historically been viewed as primary goals of cross-examination. However, counsel can also use cross-examination constructively to control the opponent's witnesses so that the witnesses will advance the attorney's own theory of the case. This use of cross-examination can be devastatingly effective, yet many attorneys fail to deploy it. With authoritative guidance from Larry Pozner and Roger Dodd, The Masters of Cross-Examination DVD set gives attorneys the practical tools to unleash the power of constructive cross-examination for better trial outcomes. Four DVDs, containing nine lectures, provide detailed guidance on the authors' signature "Chapter Method" of preparing for cross-examination, as well as proven techniques for controlling witnesses.

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Table of contents


Lecture 1   Changing Your Mindset: An Introduction to Advanced Cross-Examination

Lecture 2   A Thin Stream of Fear: Creating and Controlling Anxiety in the Courtroom

Lecture 3   Assisting Discovery: An Exploration of Constructive Cross-Examination

Lecture 4   Back to Basics: The Three Commandments of Constructive Cross-Examination

Lecture 5   A Rose by Any Other Name: The Importance of Word Selection in a Constructive Cross-Examination

Lecture 6   Before the Courtroom: Preparing for Constructive Cross-Examination

Lecture 7   The Tell-Tale Heart: Improving Control of Hostile Witnesses With Constructive Cross-Examination

Lecture 8   The Chameleon Effect: An Exploration of Looping Techniques in Cross-Examination

Lecture 9   Catch 'Em If You Can: Wrangling the Runaway Witness