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Larry Pozner and Roger Dodd are the nationally known and best-selling authors of Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques. With a combined 58 years of trial experience between them, Larry and Roger are recognized experts in cross-examination. Their book is endorsed by some of today’s premier trial attorneys and has become the “bible of cross” for lawyers across the country. Both attorneys continue to practice law in addition to giving live and webcast seminars on trial techniques across the country and outside the US.

“Preparation, mastery of technique, and execution of a solid game plan underlie more courtroom victories than all the flash and glitz and strokes of brilliance combined.”

Published by LexisNexis, the Cross-Examination product line includes the seminal print title, a DVD of Larry and Roger lecturing on advanced cross-examination techniques, and a set of Preparation for Deposition DVDs that help attorneys prepare their clients for deposition. To order, click below or call 1.800.533.1637 to speak with a sales representative.

Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, Third Edition

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In Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, Third Edition, Larry Pozner and Roger Dodd continue their outstanding tradition of helping attorneys conduct commanding cross-examinations. In the Third Edition, the authors provide their best-ever coverage of the “chapter method” of cross-examination with additional excerpts to illustrate various trial scenarios. New content also includes Chapter 6 on Cross Preparation Systems: Sourcing the Facts, giving you the tools to immediately inform a witness, and the court, what electronic or paper document you are using and exactly where in the document is the material upon which you are questioning.  As always, the authors, who have lectured on cross-examination to thousands of attorneys worldwide, guide you to successful trial outcomes with a conversational, engaging, and easy-to-read writing style. Additional bonus content can be found in the eBook version.

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Masters of Cross-Examination DVD

Sample the authoritative guidance from Larry Pozner and Roger Dodd in this excerpt from the Masters of Cross-Examination DVD:

Undermining the opponent's case and discrediting the opponent's witnesses have historically been viewed as primary goals of cross-examination. However, counsel can also use cross-examination constructively to control the opponent's witnesses so that the witnesses will advance the attorney's own theory of the case. This use of cross-examination can be devastatingly effective, yet many attorneys fail to deploy it.

With authoritative guidance from Larry Pozner and Roger Dodd, The Masters of Cross-Examination DVD set  gives attorneys the practical tools to unleash the power of constructive cross-examination for better trial outcomes. Four DVDs, containing nine lectures, provide detailed guidance on the authors' signature "Chapter Method" of preparing for cross-examination, as well as proven techniques for controlling witnesses. Order The Masters of Cross-Examination DVD today!

Preparation for Deposition DVD Series

Comprehensive, professional, billable preparation for your witness! Proper preparation of your client prior to their deposition can prevent mistakes that can cost you the trial or hurt your settlement. These DVDs are designed with your client in mind; help your client prepare for the deposition experience, know what to expect and understand the "do's and don'ts" of being deposed.

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February 23, 2018
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Sorrell Trope Family Law Trial Program
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May 3, 2018
Dodd on Cross-Examination
DUI Task Force, Albany Police Department
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August 18, 2018
Pozner on Cross-Examination
Colorado Bar Association, Family Law Conference
Vail, Colorado

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