Planning Law in Hong Kong

Author: John Litton QC, Kate Olley

A new and comprehensive title on Planning Law in Hong Kong.

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Publication Date: April 2018

Publisher: LexisNexis

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This new title brings together in a single book the operation of the Town Planning Ordinance and the legal process for challenging planning decisions. In two parts, the first section of the book sets out and explains the plan making and development control functions that the Town Planning Ordinance has in Hong Kong with reference to the evolving case law. The second part examines and discusses how decisions can be challenged through the High Court, including the grounds on which such decisions may be challenged, and draws extensively on Hong Kong and English case law.

PART A: The Planning Framework

1 The Planning Department and the Statutory Framework

PART B: Challenging and Defending Planning Decisions

2 Basic Principles and Specific Issues in Judicial Review

3 Access to Court - Standing

4 Access to Court – Funding

5 Common Grounds of Challenge - Wednesbury, Issues of Fairness, the Tameside Duty, Spot Zoning, Constitutional Points

App 1 Town Planning Ordinance

App 2 Town Planning Regulations

App 3 Town Planning (Appeals) Regulations

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