Computer Law: A Guide to Cyberlaw and Data Privacy Law

This treatise is the source you need for extensive coverage of US and international privacy and data protection, electronic discovery, electronic evidence, and US and international software protection.

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Print Book:6 Volumes; Looseleaf updated twice annually
ISBN: 9780820510682
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Among the features of this treatise are its extensive coverage of US and international privacy and data protection, electronic discovery, electronic evidence, and US and international software protection.

•  The privacy and data protection laws of the United States, the states, the European Union, and many other foreign nations.
•  Application of the discovery rules to electronic records and other electronic documents
•  How to introduce or oppose the admission of electronic evidence, and how to attack or buttress the probative value of this evidence.
•  U.S. and international methods of protecting software through the use of copyright, trade secrets, patents, and contracts.
•  The technical basics of computer software and hardware, explained on a level you can understand.

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Table of contents


Part I: Overview of Computers

Chapter 1 Development of the Computer Industry

Chapter 2 Computer Technology

Part II: Protection of Software

Chapter 3 Software Protection

Chapter 3A Patent Protection of Software

Appendix 3A Computer Law


Chapter 3B International Software Protection

Chapter 3C Multimedia Issues

Appendix 3C Multimedia Source Materials

Chapter 3D Internet Issues

Appendix 3D Internet Personal Jurisdiction Cases

Chapter 3E Open Source Litigation


Chapter 4 Copyright Protection of Software

Chapter 4A Trade Secret, Contractual, and Extralegal Protection of Software

Appendix 4A Appendices


Part III: Litigation Issues

Chapter 4B Computer Applications and Illustrative Legal Problems

Appendix 4B Antitrust Papers

Chapter 5 General Evidentiary Principles

Chapter 6 The Rule Against Hearsay Evidence

Chapter 7 Privileges

Chapter 8 Probative Value

Chapter 9 Procedure

Appendix 9A Computer Litigation Support Systems

Appendix 9B Discovery Examples

Chapter 10 Applied Computer Evidence And Procedure

Chapter 11 Computer-Related Torts


Part IV: U.S. Federal Privacy and Data Protection Law

Chapter 21 Fourth Amendment Privacy Law

Chapter 22 Electronic Communications Privacy Act

Chapter 23 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

Chapter 24 Federal Laws Regarding Government Records

Chapter 25 Fair Credit Reporting Act

Chapter 26 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Institution Privacy Requirements

Chapter 27 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy Requirements

Chapter 28 Federal Trade Commission Privacy Initiatives

Chapter 29 Can-Spam Act and Ancillary Matters

Appendix 29 Chapter Appendix

Chapter 30 Federal Workplace Privacy Law

Chapter 31 Standing In Federal Privacy Litigation

Appendix 32 Chapter Appendix

Part V: U.S. State Privacy and Data Protection Law

Chapter 41 Privacy Torts

Chapter 42 U.S. Data Breach Notification Laws

Appendix 42 Chapter Appendix

Chapter 43 California Privacy Regime

Chapter 44 New York State Privacy Regime

Chapter 45 Privacy Litigation State Causes of Action


Part VI: International Privacy and Data Protection Law

Chapter 51 European Union Data Protection Law

Appendix 51 Chapter Appendix

Chapter 52 Cross-Border Transfer of Personal Data

Appendix 52 Chapter Appendix

Chapter 53 The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Privacy Framework

Appendix 53 Chapter Appendix

Chapter 54 The Need for a Single Global Data Protection Paradigm

Part VII: Specific Privacy Issues

Chapter 61 How to Draft a Privacy Policy

Chapter 62 Behavioral Advertising

Appendix 62 Chapter Appendix

Chapter 63 Privacy Issues in Cloud Computing

Chapter 64 Privacy and the Bottom Line

Chapter 65 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Chapter 66 Security

Appendix 66 Information Security