Deering's California Desktop Code Series, Business and Commercial Codes

Combines all relevant materials pertaining to California business-related codes and regulations in one easy-access volume.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Print Book :1 volume, softbound
2024 Edition
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ISBN: 9781663375117
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Product description

Deering's California Desktop Codes are convenient desktop references that bring you the California Codes and Rules you need most in practice area tailored volumes. This volume is the Business and Commercial Codes and is the desktop reference you can start your research with each and every time. Inside you'll find selected provisions from:

•   Business & Professions Code
•   Civil Code
•   Commercial Code (in its entirety)
•   Corporations Code (in its entirety)
•   Financial Code
•   California Code of Regulations
•   California Commissioner's Releases
•   Code of Federal Regulations
•   United States Code Service
•   Delaware General Corporation Laws

In addition you'll get:

•   Analysis of each code at the conclusion of the Legislative Session.
•   A table of sections affected by recent legislation.
•   Bold notations, appearing in headings, of sunset and operative-date provisions.

Deering's California Desktop Codes are produced by the same expert Michie and LexisNexis editorial team that brings you Deering's California Codes Annotated, your respected California code service for over 130 years. Purchase the Business and Commercial Codes or get the complete Desktop Set for your own desk or for every attorney in your firm. Rely on the same legal research excellence that has been relied on by generations of California attorneys.

The 2022 edition ISBN is 9781663330956.


Table of contents


California Statutes

Business and Professions Code

Civil Code

Commercial Code

Corporations Code

Financial Code

California Regulations

Title 10, Chapter 3

California Corporations Commissioner's Releases

Corporate Securities Releases

Federal Statutes

Securities Exchange Act of 1933

Securities Exchange Act of 1934

Federal Regulations

Title 17, Chapter II

Delaware General Corporation Law

Title 8, Chapter 1