Bender on Privacy and Data Protection

This timely resource provides a framework to help you make sense of important questions in this rapidly-evolving area of law.

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ISBN: 9780769890630
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ISBN: 9780769890630
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As you grapple with difficult privacy and data protection issues, you won't want to be without Bender on Privacy and Data Protection. This timely resource provides a framework to help you make sense of important questions in this rapidly-evolving area of law.

Designed for the busy practitioner, the book is divided into four parts: (1) federal law, (2) state law, (3) international law, and (4) issues that warrant a special focus, such as privacy policies, behavioral advertising, search engines, cloud computing, the cost of privacy measures, and RFID (radio frequency identification).

Practice Insights sections set out important take-aways and practical implications. For further convenience, expert legal analysis is broken into subsections with lists and bullet points to help you find just the right information quickly and easily. In addition, many chapters have one or more Appendices that set out important supplementary materials, including text and analysis of relevant U.S. and international privacy and data protection law.

"David Bender's new book -- Bender on Privacy and Data Protection is a well-organized and detailed treatise spanning the world of privacy and data protection. Starting with a discussion of the key U.S. federal and state privacy laws, the book turns its attention to the EU and APEC, and then closes with several chapters on particular topics such as cloud computing and behavioral advertising. Clearly the book cannot cover every possible law or aspect of the data protection universe but I found it particularly compelling in its chapters that apply the privacy laws to particular contexts. For example, the chapter on Cross-Border Transfer of Personal Data goes into great details on the complexities of transferring personal data from the EU. The author is clearly well-versed in the legal and practical nuances of transferring data from the EU to other jurisdictions and offers both a detailed analysis of the law, as well as many practical insights to addressing such challenges. For those of us who deal with EU data transfers on a regular basis, the book is a great resource and will definitely be sitting on my desk." -- Orrie Dinstein, Privacy practitioner at a Fortune 100 company

"Bender on Privacy and Data Protection is a reference book that can meet the needs of everyone -- those just beginning in or who have a curiosity to learn more about the field, as well as experienced practitioners needing examples and guidance on how to approach or solve a particular challenge. It is part encyclopedia, part history book and part a collection of case law and interpretations showcasing the wealth of knowledge and experience of the author. A comprehensive synopsis is indexed at the beginning of every chapter enabling quick identification of just the right topic -- and perhaps the best feature -- it is written for lawyers and non-lawyers alike! I highly recommend this book." -- Sandra R. Hughes, Past Chairman International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

"This book provides an immense amount of timely and important material on an area that has become increasingly complex and important in practice. Bender has done an incredible job. Among other things, the coverage of state Data Breach Notification and other privacy-related laws is excellent and invaluable for practitioners, including in-house counsel." -- Raymond T. Nimmer, Dean & Leonard H. Childs Professor of Law, University of Houston Law Center

"Bender on Privacy and Data Protection is the one resource I would recommend to every professional concerned about understanding the plethora of privacy and data protection laws and issues. David Bender's meticulous and thorough coverage of topics critical to both public and private sector organizations will be an important addition to the privacy and data protection professional's library." -- Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder, Ponemon Institute

NOTE: This material also appears in Volumes 5 and 6 of David Bender's Computer Law, a Guide to Cyberlaw and Data Privacy Law.

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Table of contents

Part I. U.S. Federal Privacy and Data Protection Law
Chapter 1: Fourth Amendment Privacy Law
Chapter 2: Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Chapter 3: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
Chapter 4: Laws Regarding U.S. Federal Government Records
Chapter 5: Fair Credit Reporting Act
Chapter 6: Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Institution Privacy Requirements
Chapter 7: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy Requirements
Chapter 8: Federal Trade Commission Privacy Initiatives
Chapter 9: CAN-SPAM Act and Ancillary Matters
Appendix 9 Chapter 10: Federal Workplace Privacy Law
Chapter 11: Standing in Federal Privacy Litigation

Part II. U.S. State Federal Privacy and Data Protection Law
Chapter 21: Privacy Torts
Chapter 22: U.S. Data Breach Notification Laws
Appendix 22
Chapter 23: California Privacy Regime
Chapter 24: New York State Privacy Regime
Chapter 25: Privacy Litigation-State Causes of Action

Part III. International Privacy and Data Protection Law
Chapter 31: European Union Data Protection Law
Chapter 32: Cross-Border Transfer of Personal Data
Appendix 32
Chapter 33: The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Privacy Framework
Appendix 33
Chapter 34: The Need for a Single Global Data Protection Paradigm

Part IV. Specific Privacy Issues Chapter 41: How to Draft a Privacy Policy
Chapter 42: Behavioral Advertising
Appendix 42
Chapter 43: Privacy Issues in Cloud Computing
Chapter 44: Privacy and the Bottom Line
Chapter 45: Radio Frequency Identification (RDID)
Chapter 46: Security
Appendix 46
Table of Cases