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The Law of Evidence in Virginia, Seventh Edition

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7th Edition
ISBN: 9781422495759
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7th Edition
ISBN: 9780327169451
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7th Edition
ISBN: 9780327169451
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This newest edition of The Law of Evidence in Virginia is a comprehensive 1-volume treatise that guides you through the law of evidence in Virginia, with discussion and analysis that fully explain this unique area of Virginia law. The step-by-step approach takes you from trial preparation all the way through testimony, expert witnesses, real and illustrative evidence, hearsay and opinion issues, and argument techniques. Inclusion of the Federal Rules of Evidence provides necessary comparison and perspective, and a table of cases and index allow you to find what you need quickly and expand your research as you analyze an issue. Don't be without this essential Virginia treatise as you analyze clients' issues and take them to trial. Purchase yours today from LexisNexis, publisher of the official Michie's Code of Virginia.

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Table of Contents

Volume 1
Chapter 1 In General
Chapter 2 Preparation for Trial
Chapter 3 Examination of Witnesses
Chapter 4 Impeachment and Support
Chapter 5 Character Evidence
Chapter 6 Competency
Chapter 7 Privilege
Chapter 8 Admission and Exclusion of Evidence
Chapter 9 Burden of Proof
Chapter 10 Presumptions
Chapter 11 Relevance
Chapter 12 Circumstantial Evidence
Chapter 13 Real and Illustrative Evidence
Chapter 14 Scientific Evidence
Chapter 15 Authentication of Writings
Chapter 16 Best and Secondary Evidence

Volume 2
Chapter 17 Opinion and Expert Testimony
Chapter 18 Hearsay
Chapter 19 Judicial Notice
Chapter 20 Parol Evidence Rule
Chapter 21 Argument and Other Incidents of Trial
Appendix - Federal Rules of Evidence
Table of Cases