Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act

Publisher: Michie

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2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781522138143
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A compact and economical collection of statutes under Title 60.2, Unemployment Compensation Act is a complete guide to unemployment compensation, taxation, benefits, eligibility requirements, and claims adjudication. The Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act Annotated is a handy desk reference for Virginia general practitioners and employment specialists alike!

Table of Contents

Title 60.2. Unemployment Compensation.

Chap. 1. General Provisions and Administration.

   Art. 1. General Provisions

   Art. 2. Administration

   Art. 3. Representation

Chap. 2. Definitions

Chap. 3. Funds.

   Art. 1. Unemployment Compensation Fund

   Art. 2. Unemployment Compensation Administration Fund

   Art. 3. Special Unemployment Compensation Administration Fund

   Art. 4. Workforce Development Training Fund [Repealed]

Chap. 4. Job Service

Chap. 5. Taxation.

   Art. 1. Employer Taxation

   Art. 2. Employer Reporting Requirements

   Art. 3. Collection of Taxes

   Art. 4. Computation of Tax Rate

Chap. 6. Benefits.

   Art. 1. General Provisions

   Art. 2. Benefit Computation

   Art. 3. Extended Benefits

   Art. 4. Eligibility Criteria

   Art. 5. Claims Adjudication

   Art. 6. Violations, Penalties, and Liabilities