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Sinclair on Virginia Remedies

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5th Edition
ISBN: 9781522109426
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5th Edition
ISBN: 9781522117698
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5th Edition
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In recent years, equity cases have accounted for roughly one quarter of the workload of Virginia's circuit courts. With the General Assembly having directed family law, mechanics' lien law, and other types of cases to proceed "as in equity," and with tort reform poised to make damages at law less attractive to many parties, still greater numbers of plaintiffs are likely to seek the more direct - and often more practical - remedies offered by equity. Yet, until now, the only guides to equity remedies and practice in Virginia were last supplemented several decades ago. In Virginia Remedies, Professor John L. Costello sifts through an enormous body of case law to update comprehensively the seminal texts on the subject - Lile's Equity Pleading and Practice and Phelps' Handbook of the Rules of Equity.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Remedies as Part of the System of Justice
Chapter 2 Swords and Shields
Chapter 3 Law and Equity are Separate, but Related
Chapter 4 Jurisdiction and Venue in Equity
Chapter 5 Parties and Maxims
Chapter 6 Pleadings and Trial Practice in Equity
Chapter 7 Defensive Pleadings
Chapter 8 Commissioners in Chancery
Chapter 9 General and Special Receivers
Chapter 10 Traditional Bases for Remedies in Equity
Chapter 11 Rescission, Reformation and Cancellation
Chapter 12 Restitution
Chapter 13 Injunction
Chapter 14 Specific Performance
Chapter 15 Creditor's Bills, Contempts and Other Enforcements
Chapter 16 Ancillary Remedies and Devices
Chapter 17 Torts
Chapter 18 Contract Remedies
Chapter 19 Remedies For and Against Lawyers
Chapter 20 Remedies for Injuries to Real Interests
Chapter 21 Damages
Chapter 22 Partners and Partnerships
Chapter 23 Limited Liability Corporations
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes