Texas Criminal Lawyer's Handbook

Considered by many to be the most comprehensive and respected criminal practice guide in Texas. Covering more than 250 topics, it provides in-depth practice advice on constitutional rights, documentary evidence, scientific evidence, impeachment techniques, and much more.

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ISBN: 9781949517897
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ISBN: 9781949517897
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Table of contents


Chapter 1. Arrests
Chapter 2. Search and Seizure: Property
Chapter 3. Search and Seizure: Persons
Chapter 4. Right to Counsel and Effective Assistance of Counsel
Chapter 5. Self-Incrimination
Chapter 6. Confessions
Chapter 7. Rules of Statutory and Legal Interpretation
Chapter 8. Double Jeopardy
Chapter 9. Bail and Bond Issues
Chapter 10. [Reserved]
Chapter 11. Examining Trials and Grand Jury Hearings
Chapter 12. Pretrial Motions
Chapter 13. Discovery
Chapter 14. Jury Selection and Voir Dire


Chapter 15. Trial Issues
Chapter 16. Evidence
Chapter 17. Child Sexual Abuse
Chapter 18. Sex Offender Registration
Chapter 19. Preservation of Error
Chapter 20. Punishment Phase
Chapter 21. Post-Trial Issues
Chapter 22. Expunctions and Non-Disclosures Appendix Index