School Law (NYSSBA Members and Students Only)

A trusted authority on New York school law for more than 72 years.
Publisher: LexisNexis

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37th Edition
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The authoritative volume on education law in New York, School Law has been a trusted and valuable resource for New York education professionals and attorneys for over 72 years! Created by the New York State School Boards Association in cooperation with LexisNexis, this volume presents a broad spectrum of education law issues in a unique question-and-answer format. Accessible yet authoritative, it is the premiere legal resource that addresses education issues and concerns for school board members, administrators, educators, and school attorneys, and is also a popular reference for educators nationwide.

This newest edition of School Law has been fully revised and expanded to include all the recent legislative changes that you'll need to stay informed.

School Law, 37th Edition, includes:

  • Authoritative answers to 2,000+ questions 
  • Hundreds of new laws, regulations and decisions 
  • A newly reorganized and easier to access format 
  • eBook options for added flexibility and portability 

eBooks, CDs, downloadable content, and software purchases are non-cancellable, nonrefundable and nonreturnable. Click here for more information about LexisNexis eBooks. The eBook versions of this title may feature links to Lexis Advance® for further legal research options. A valid subscription to Lexis Advance® is required to access this content.

Table of Contents

General Information and Abbreviations
New Statutory and Regulatory Law Overview
       State Statutes
       The Board of Regents and State Regulations
       New Case Law

The New York State School System - Structural Overview
1.  Public Education - Governance Framework
2.  School District Reorganization
3.  Charter Schools
4.  Nonpublic Schools

Public School Governance
5.  School Boards
6.  School Board Members
7.  Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES)
8.  School District Officers
9.  School District Administrators
10.  The Superintendent of Schools
11.  The District (BOCES) Superintendent
12.  Ethics
13.  Confidentiality of School Records
14.  School Board Meetings

Annual and Special School District Meetings
15.  School District Meetings
16.  School District Voters
17.  The Voting Process

Public School Finances
18.  The School Budget
19.  School Budget Development and Adoption
20.  Contingency Budgets
21.  School Tax Assessments
22.  School Tax Collection
23.  State Aid
24.  The BOCES Budget

Fiscal Management
25.  Basic Fiscal Management Responsibilities
26.  Reserve Funds
27.  Borrowing
28.  Purchasing of Materials and Services

Public School Staff
29.  School Building Principals
30.  Teachers - Employment Qualifications and Compensation
31.  Teachers - Certification
32.  Teachers - General Rights and Responsibilities
33.  Teachers - Tenure and Seniority
34.  Teachers - Probationary Appointments and the Granting of Tenure
35.  Teacher and School Leader Certificate Registration and Continuing Education Requirements
36.  Teachers - Abolition of Positions and Excessing
37.  Teacher and Principal Performance Evaluations
38.  Discipline and Termination of Tenured Teachers and Administrators
39.  Non-Instructional Employees
40.  Coaches and Athletic Trainers
41.  Fingerprinting Requirements

Employee Constitutional, Leave and Retirement Rights
42.  Employee Constitutional Rights
43.  Employee Statutory Leave Rights
44.  Retirement Rights and Benefits

Employee Contractual Relations
45.  Contracts of Employment
46.  Collective Bargaining - The Taylor Law
47.  The Collective Bargaining Process

48.  Students - School Attendance
49.  Student Enrollment Rules
50.  Student Health and Welfare
51.  Student Safety
52.  Student Discipline
53.  Student Constitutional Right
54.  Students with Disabilities

Instruction, Curricula and Student Achievement
55.  Instruction and Curricula
56.  Student Performance Accountability

57.  Transportation of Public School Students
58.  Transportation of Nonpublic School Students
59.  School Buses
60.  School Bus Drivers, Monitors and Attendants

Public School Facilities
61.  Buildings and Grounds
62.  Building Safety
63.  Hazardous Materials and Toxic Substances
64.  School Facilities - Use and Conduct
65.  Religion in Public Schools

Liability and Litigation
66.  General Rules and Sources of Liability
67.  Defense and Indemnification
68.  Employment Discrimination
69.  Insurance Protection