Regulatory Compliance Guide for Bankers

This guide provides analysis for each consumer regulation in its entirety and includes summaries of the effect of that regulation on different functions within a financial institution. This comprehensive guide address operations, procedures, compliance, disclosures, notices, marketing, advertising, and record retention.

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Keeping up with all the new and changing consumer regulations can be an overwhelming task for bankers. How can you stay on top of all the rules for deposits, fair lending, real estate lending, consumer credit, leasing, and recordkeeping?

Regulatory Compliance Guide for Bankers analyzes each consumer regulation in its entirety, then summarizes and explains the effect of that regulation on different functions within your bank. It's easy-to-understand format and explanations make it an essential tool for compliance officers and senior managers who need to know about specific regulations in order to establish good procedures and stay in compliance.

The guide covers all the deposit rules, including those under Section 19 of the Federal Reserve Act, Electronic Fund Transfer Act, Expedited Funds Availability, Truth in Savings, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Act. The fair lending and real estate section covers the Community Reinvestment, Home Mortgage Disclosure, Equal Credit Opportunity, Fair Housing, Real Estate Settlement Procedures, and National Flood Insurance Acts. In the consumer credit and leasing section of the manual, you get expert analysis and interpretation of the regulations under Truth in Lending (for both open-end and closed-end credit), the Federal Trade Commission Act, Consumer Leasing Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Finally, the manual contains a section on the rules for recordkeeping, under the Bank Secrecy Act and the Right to Financial Privacy Act.

Each chapter covers:

•  Operations and Procedures, including a detailed summary of how the regulation affects your operations, and guidance for staying in compliance
•  Disclosures and Notices, including details on what and when to disclose, and suggested wordings
•  Marketing and Advertising, with advice for marketing officers for structuring products, creating advertising campaigns, and defining markets without risk of compliance violations
•  Guidelines for posting notices and record retention

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Table of contents

Table of Contents

Part I - Deposit Regulations

Chapter 1:  Federal Reserve Act, Section 19 - Regulation D, 12 CFR 204

Chapter 2:  Electronic Fund Transfer Act - Regulation E, 12 CFR 1005

Chapter 3:  Expedited Funds Availability Act - Regulation CC, 12 CFR 229

Chapter 4:  Truth-in-Savings Act - Regulation DD, 12 CFR 1030

Chapter 5:  Federal Deposit Insurance Act - FDIC Regulations, FDIC 328, FDIC 330, 12 CFR 328, 12 CFR 330

Part II - Fair Lending and Real Estate Lending Regulations

Chapter 6:  Community Reinvestment Act - Regulation BB, 12 CFR 228

Chapter 7:  Home Mortgage Disclosure Act - 12 USC 2801 et seq., Regulation C, 12 CFR 1003

Chapter 8:  Equal Credit Opportunity Act- 15 USC 1691 - Regulation B, 12 CFR 1002

Chapter 9:  [Reserved]

Chapter 10: Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act - Regulation X, 12 CFR 1024

Chapter 11: National Flood Insurance Act - Flood Insurance Regulations and Regulation H, 12 CFR 208

Part III - Consumer Credit and Leasing Regulations

Chapter 12: Open-End Credit Truth-in-Lending Act - Regulation Z, 12 CFR 1026

Chapter 13: Closed-End Credit Truth-in-Lending Act - Regulation Z, 12 CFR 1026

Chapter 14: Federal Trade Commission Act - Regulation AA, 12 CFR 227

Chapter 15: Consumer Leasing Act - Regulation M, 12 CFR 1013

Chapter 16: Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681, 12 CFR 1022

Chapter 17: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 USC 1692 - Consumer Credit Protection Act

Part IV - Recordkeeping Regulations

Chapter 18: Bank Secrecy Act - Treasury Regulations, 31 CFR Parts 1010, 1020 (formerly 31 CFR Part 103)

Chapter 19: Privacy of Consumer Financial Information

Part V - General Applicability

Chapter 20: FCC and FTC Telemarketing Rules