Pennsylvania Products Liability

By Bradley D. Remick
Publisher: ALM

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4th Edition
ISBN: 9781628814248
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4th Edition
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A comprehensive review of Pennsylvania products liability law.

This area of law has undergone dramatic changes in recent years with the federal and state courts in Pennsylvania split between the application of the Second and Third Restatements. Pennsylvania Products Liability offers analysis from the point of view of a trial attorney practicing in this increasingly complex area. Includes a chapter on the history and holding of Tincher v. Omega Flax, Inc. and provides guidance for practitioners on new standards.

Content includes:
•  The Rise and Fall of The Second Restatement of Torts
•  The Rise of Restatement (Third) of Torts
•  The Restatements in Practice
•  Strict Liability Concepts
•  Breach of Warranty
•  Negligence
•  Manufacturing and Design Defects
•  Warning Defects
•  Damages
•  Punitive Damages
•  Indemnity, Contribution and Apportionment Damages
•  Jurisdiction, Venue and Related Principles
•  Discovery Process
•  Evidence in Products Liability Litigation
•  Expert Evidence and Products Liability
•  Automotive Product Liability Law
•  Federal Preemption and Products Liability Litigation
•  Food, Drugs and Medical Devices
•  Recalls
•  History of Products Liability Law