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Basic Estate Planning In Florida

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Print Book :Hardbound, 688 pages
9th Edition
ISBN: 9781522139492
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9th Edition
ISBN: 9781522139508
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9th Edition
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This popular manual covers all facets of basic estate planning. Tax and accounting issues, ethical issues, and problems related to specific forms of ownership and special classes of persons are examined. Homestead considerations and handling of assets acquired in community property jurisdictions are also featured.

Basic Estate Planning In Florida, 9th Edition, provides an update of statutes, federal rules, and case law addressing the following (among other) aspects of estate planning:

  • Tax apportionment and elective shares;
  • Timeliness of portability elections;
  • Effect of marital agreements and waivers;
  • Powers of appointment;
  • Community property rights;
  • Creditors and the homestead exemption;
  • Split dollar plans and required minimum distributions;
  • Durable powers of attorney and the authority of  health care surrogates; and
  • Estate planning that constitutes the unlicensed practice of law.

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Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents


Chapter 1  Introduction, Modern History, And Practical Considerations
E. Steven Lauer

Chapter 2  Pitfalls And Minefields In Estate Planning
W. Michael Parrott

Chapter 3  Planning For Incapacity And Disability
Kathleen A. Kadyszewski

Chapter 4  Special Classes Of Persons
Steven P. Riley and Colleen K. O'Rourke

Chapter 5  Overview Of Wealth Transfer Taxes
J. Eric Taylor

Chapter 6  Homestead
Jeffrey A. Baskies and Tereina R. Stidd

Chapter 7  Joint Ownership
Jeffrey A. Baskies, Thomas O. Katz, and Justin M. Savioli

Chapter 8  Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living Trusts
Ric Gregoria, Rose-Anne B. Frano, and Jeffrey T. Troiano

Chapter 9  Funding The Living Trust
Debra L. Boje and Alyse Reiser Comiter

Chapter 10  Marital Transfers
Thomas C. Lee, Jr., Alyse Reiser Comiter, and Nicklaus Curley

Chapter 11  Powers Of Appointment
Barbara Landau

Chapter 12  Fiduciaries
Dan P. Heller, Alex Espenkotter, and Robert Beraha

Chapter 13  Malpractice And Ethical Considerations
Charles Ian Nash and Keith S. Kromash

Chapter 14  Community Property Issues
Marilyn M. Polson and Erica K. Smith

Chapter 15  Estate Planning Checklists And Computer Software
Barry A. Nelson

Chapter 16  Making Estate Planning Easy, Enjoyable, Predictable, And Automatic
Bruce S. Udell