New York Civil Practice: Matrimonial Actions

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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780820569864
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2nd Edition
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2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781579119652
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New York Civil Practice: Matrimonial Actions, a trusted authority on matrimonial law and practice for more than thirty years, continues to provide unparalleled coverage in its Second Edition. Updated and modernized for the contemporary matrimonial law practitioner, this four-volume treatise provides direct, New York-specific answers to questions that arise in day-to-day practice, as well as valuable in-depth analysis of, and the latest information on, New York matrimonial law and practice.

Procedurally organized and updated twice a year with over fifty chapters in four volumes, New York Civil Practice: Matrimonial Actions captures the latest information in matrimonial law. Expert practitioners ensure accuracy and alignment with matrimonial practice specific to New York. It covers important topics related to matrimonial actions, including jurisdiction, grounds, interim relief, disclosure, valuation, equitable distribution, custody and visitation, spousal and child support, and enforcement of orders and judgments.

First published in 1971.

4 Volumes; Looseleaf; updated 2 times per year.

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Table of contents

1 Marital Contract and Its Dissolution
2 Action for Divorce--Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
3 Action for Divorce--Abandonment
4 Action for Divorce--Adultery
5 Action for Divorce--Separation Decree
6 Action for Divorce--Separation Agreement
7 Action for Divorce--Imprisonment
8 Action for Separation--Cruel and Inhuman Treatment
9 Action for Separation--Abandonment
10 Action for Separation--Adultery
11 Action for Separation--Imprisonment
12 Action for Separation--Nonsupport
13 Action for Annulment--Void Marriage
14 Action for Annulment--Party under Age of Consent (Nonage)
15 Action for Annulment--Fraud
16 Action for Annulment--Force and Duress
17 Action for Annulment--Mental Retardation, Mental Illness, Want of Understanding
18 Action for Annulment--Physical Incapacity
19 Action for Annulment--Incurable Mental Illness
20 Special Proceeding to Dissolve Marriage--Absence of Defendant
21 Action for Declaratory Judgment
22 Foreign Divorces
23 Remarriage

24 Client Intake: Preliminary Considerations and Ethics
25 Jurisdiction--Domicile--Residence
26 Acquiring and Attacking In Personam Jurisdiction
27 Acquiring Rem Jurisdiction
28 Alternative Dispute Resolution
29 Complaint
30 Answer
31 Disclosure in Matrimonial Actions
32 Pretrial and Trial Procedures
33 Rules of Evidence in Matrimonial Trial Practice

34 Interim Relief
35 Domestic Violence; Spousal Abuse
36 Spousal Support
37 Child Support
38 Modification of Judgments and Orders
39 Enforcement of Child Support and Maintenance Awards
40 Child Custody and Visitation
41 Interstate Custody Disputes
42 International Child Custody Disputes

43 Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
44 Equitable Distribution Generally
45 Property Distribution in Matrimonial Actions
46 Valuation
47 Tax Consequences of Maintenance, Alimony, and Child Support Payments
48 The Income, Gift and Estate Tax Consequences of Transfers Made in Connection with Marital Dissolution
49 The Impact of Bankruptcy on Matrimonial Law
50 Statutorily Authorized Special Relief